In this article we are going to talk about something called the “Stay on course Rule”.  In times of chaos, we need to identify those things in our lives and our business that has not only helped to set our course, but also charted our way till now, and stay on that course.  In other words, Identify the things that has really helped you to get to where you are in your life and business, and stay the course.  Right now you need to identify the things which matter most in your life and your business that give us real certainty and a centeredness.  Many times when there is chaos people tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and they start to chase after all these new opportunities all over the place.  An example might be deciding to use this moment we are all going through to quit your job and start a business selling facial masks.  Be careful of being overly opportunistic.  Instead, steady wins the race.

What are the primary drivers of your business and your income right now?  Stay focused on delivering those with excellence.  If you are finding yourself in a lockdown, like so many billions around the world currently are, then use this time to identify these primary drivers, and how you will focus on them once you get back to your business environment.  What are the projects you have already planned?  To the extent possible, stay steady with those things – in other words, stay the course. 

 Really ask yourself right now – what moves the needle most in my life and in my business.  Start identifying the activities which have the most effect in both areas and focus on that.  What are the actions which are most likely going to start moving your life and business forward?  There are many things we could be doing, but which ones are going to move the needle the fastest?  The truth is that there are so few things which actually move the needle significantly in your business and life.  Do you know what those things are?  If not, then now is a great time to really focus on identifying them.  Focus on those things, dive deep into them, leverage them.  The real message here is in times of chaos, be careful of jumping into new things.  Consistency could be the key here for you.  In times of great uncertainty, beware of adding more uncertainty.  There will be things in your life and your business you will be forced to change, so keep it to a minimum until you have more control back in your life.  So here is today’s question – “What are the 5 things you should absolutely continue doing in your business and life, or focus on in your business and life once the lockdown is lifted”?  Remember to dive deep on the things which really work for you now, and have really worked for you in the past.

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