New month, new start. Not only is July my birthday month, it's also the month I become a granny for the first time! So why am I feeling unsettled?


Moments like these remind me that I've stepped outside of my flow. And it makes me particularly grateful for the Wealth Dynamics tools that help me get back on track.


If you, like me, feel both positive and overwhelmed by the many personal and growth opportunities presented to you by the pandemic (a.k.a. the onslaught of well-meaning invitations to webinars, launches, promotions, groups, online events, and products coming to you from all online angles) then perhaps it's time to revisit your Genius.

1. Start by studying your Wealth Dynamics report

Being a member of GeniusU, you're probably aware of your dominant Genius or your Wealth Dynamics profile and you use it to make decisions on the fly.


But are you paying enough attention to how this plays out in your everyday life? Does it matter more that you're a Dynamo, Lord, Blaze, or Accumulator? Or does it matter more that you're a unique combination of Dynamo, Tempo, Blaze, and Steel frequencies that, together, determines a unique path to your peace in an often overwhelming world?


For example, if I relied purely on my Dynamo/Creator label to define who I was, my go-to reason for procrastinating would be "That's just who I am. I'm good at starting, but I'm not good at finishing."  


However, understanding that I am strong in Steel frequency, too, I tackle projects knowing I'll get it done. I understand why I love the detail, and that as much as I can create value through innovation, I can as easily leverage value by simplifying and multiplying the value created by others.


On the flip side, knowing that I'm low in Tempo and Blaze frequencies, I exercise caution when committing to group activities as too many take me out of flow.

2. Revisit your to-do list

Do your list of priorities match your Genius frequencies?


For example, are you planning on spending the next week creating a product when your natural strength is actually building a community? Or do you have a week filled with webinars when your time is probably better spent creating your product? If there's a mismatch between your natural strengths and where you focus your energy, it may be time to reflect on your priorities and whether they align with your strengths, passions, and purpose. (There are GeniusU tests for these, too!)

3. Play the "would I rather be doing..." game

Still left with a to-do list longer than the time you have available to do them?


An old trick is to seperate your tasks into urgent, not urgent, important, or not important. While this little trick may help you narrow your focus, is it helping to narrow your focus in a way that brings you peace? 


That's for you to decide.


If not, another trick is to ask yourself what you'd rather be doing. Compare one task to the next as you make your way through the list and ask yourself "Would I rather being doing X or Y?"  When you focus on the tasks you would rather be doing, it often inspires immediate action while helping you get closer to who you are instead of what you need to do.

These three steps are just the start. By honouring your Genius to the full, not only do you build a life and a business that keeps you in flow, you also uncover your authentic you, the YOU that your clients will resonate with and the right team members will naturally be drawn to.


What do the results of your Wealth Dynamics, purpose, and passion tests tell you about living your everyday life? Any insights? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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