Just now reading Tina’s Female Courage Foundation page I realised, I should have known but you know those aha moments, that the product I am developing is designed to fulfil the very purpose of the Foundation ie Gender Equality, female empowerment. 'Is your business sustainable?' will be launched soon on TBC.

As you may know my #1 purpose is gender equality. Again as some of you may know I’m passionate to deliver green, smart cities globally. How do the two relate?

The construction industry is the most dangerous economic activity in the world and one which results in the most waste; take make dispose is epitomised by the construction industry where 40% of products go to waste!

It is also an industry filled with entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, small business owners, people seeking to ‘build their pension’, make their fortune and/or invest money they have acquired successfully in other fields of endeavour. All are potential VA clients.

Market research indicates many are interested in sustainability but do not know how to ‘make it happen’. Many think it is too expensive not understanding that with the correct design expertise, they can build sustainably without it costing more. With help they will understand how to produce buildings that are more valuable, attract more rent and cost less to run. Win, win; for sustainability and for investor, surely?

So is your business sustainable?

This aims to educate in respect of sustainability, profiling, what VAs can do for businesses, whether or not a business is ready to use a VA and what type of VA, systems to manage VAs etc so we can see if we wish to work with that particular client. If there is a client-fit, they will be wonderful for our lovely VAs! If not they will come back when they are ready.

So where did my aha moment come?

Reading through Tina’s Female Courage Foundation page I concurred with all she said. Immediately I was questioning myself. My passion is green, smart cities globally by 2030 and that fits with all 17UN SDGs, especially #5 as all disproportionately negatively adversely affect women and girls, but what am I doing NOW that fits in with my PURPOSE? Then the penny dropped!

This very product, the very first practical ‘thing’ I am working on that I did not even realise I would be doing until I joined GeniusU, is going to disproportionately POSITIVELY affect women in the Philippines! That made me so happy!

Isn't it magic, when you work in line with your vision, you can't help doing what you set out to do, even when you do not do it deliberately!

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