Do you have any doubts about replacing your telephony? Then this article is for you. You'll learn from the experts at Zorra 10 reasons why you should upgrade your aging phone system. But first, answer on these questions:

  1. Is this a good time to upgrade?
  2. How will it positively affect your business?
  3. What are you missing out on if you don't upgrade?

And while you're thinking, I'll go on to list the reasons.

1.Your telephony is expensive

Have you ever wondered why office phone system charges are so high and unpredictable? This is due to the telephone equipment in the office, PBX. You have to buy licenses for it, maintain it, launch new lines, have or hire technicians, and pay dearly for international calls. Moving to cloud-based telephony (VoIP) is an easy economic win. It will allow you to:

  • Replace expensive equipment with simple IP phones working over the Internet;
  • Save money on calls thanks to advantageous tariffs;
  • Manage your telephony from a convenient app anywhere. Everything else is taken care of by the provider;
  • Add new phone lines at minimal cost.

With VoIP, you'll always be in control and know exactly what your bill is this month

2.Your telephony is obsolete

The world does not stand still, and so does technology. What was new yesterday is becoming trash today. Also, do not forget about the renovation. Sometimes finding spare parts or a competent specialist is not an easy task.

But more frightening than that is the lag between telephony and new technological solutions. Their incompatibility brings unnecessary difficulties and costs.

If you're planning to implement a CRM system, state-of-the-art phones, or collaboration tools, be sure to consider upgrading your phone system.

3.Your phone system is not growing with your business

The scalability of the company and the conquest of new markets requires flexibility. Unfortunately, fixed telephony cannot afford this. Moreover, it requires additional costs for new phone lines. All of this can be avoided.

VoIP grows with your business. Adding new lines or users is a matter of a few mouse clicks.

4.Your phone system is missing important functions

Making and receiving calls is the main function of telephony. And it needs to run smoothly. But what to say when it comes to increasing the productivity and efficiency of the department? How do you measure call and sales performance? Are all employees working at 100% efficiency?

Upgrading your phone system will help you improve your work processes. Along with this, you will have new features such as:

  • Call routing access;
  • AutoSecretary;
  • Recording conversations;
  • Converting voice messages to text;
  • And much more.

All this will qualitatively change the way you communicate with your customers and help you to outrun your competitors.

5.Your phone system is vulnerable to failure

Phone system outages and unforeseen failures are a blow to your reputation and your wallet. The customer doesn't care why he couldn't get through. He'll just leave, and you'll lose profits.

By upgrading your telephony, you protect yourself from lots of risks. This is because:

  • Phone lines work over the Internet;
  • Interrupted calls are automatically forwarded to another number;
  • Problems that arise are quickly corrected in a remote format.

VoIP service providers are concerned about the secure operation of their customers. They do this by setting up data centers, backup generators, and 24/7 data monitoring.

6.There are vulnerabilities in your phone system

In the traditional telephone system, calls are transmitted in an unsecured form. They can easily be intercepted by intruders, and encryption equipment is quite expensive. Security, to put it mildly, is not the most outstanding.

Meanwhile, things are different in VoIP telephony. Advanced providers are investing heavily in security, using Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and encryption of all transmitted data. And this is military grade security! Your data will never fall into the wrong hands.

7.Quality and reliability of calls deteriorate

I don't have to tell you how poor sound quality negatively affects sales. In the first four seconds, the customer gets a first impression of the company, which is hard to change later. If this is a problem for you, it's time to switch to VoIP.

"Talking to the client as if you were in the same room with him" - that's how you can describe the sound quality of cloud telephony. This is possible thanks to the HD voice codec. The first pleasant impression on the client is guaranteed!

8.Your phone system does not support remote employees

Today 40% of companies worldwide have remote employees. All of them work with cloud telephony. The reason is simple: connecting a new employee to the office phone is not an easy task.

With VoIP, your employees become mobile and flexible. All they have to do is open the application from any device and start working. It allows your staff to be always in touch and you to keep track of all communications in one system.

9.Your business needs unified communications

In companies of any rank, you can't do anything without e-mail communications, chat rooms, Internet calls, and video conferencing. All of this cannot be integrated with fixed telephony. It leads to a complication of internal and external communication.

In cloud telephony, there is a service called UCaaS. It allows you to run all the systems and tools in one place. It is also convenient because it gives room for communication with clients. They choose the channel of communication that is convenient for them. And this is already a serious competitive advantage and the loyalty of the target audience.

10.The phone system is critical to your business

If telephony is paramount to your business, it must be first-class. Or at the very least, it should be flexible, scalable, reliable and efficient. After all, customer service and closing deals depend on it.

You deserve a better phone system

So, you've decided to take the quality of your business to the next level. It's a right decision. With, it will be fast and profitable. Zorra has:

  • Simple employee control;
  • API for easy integration;
  • The fastest technical support response in the market;
  • Send SMS around the world using your company name as the sender.

You will automate most of the manual work and get rid of the operational chaos of communication with customers. As a result, you will increase the number of sales many times over.

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