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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Roger's special guests are Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer Trey Stinnett and Level 2 Partner Del Lewis. Successful educators, mentors and leaders, Trey and Del have each built thriving communities and multi-million dollar businesses.

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About Roger's special guests:

Trey Stinnett, Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Trey is co-founder of the Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs (ACE), Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer, flow philosopher, author, speaker and investor.

After 15 years hustling as a small business owner and real estate investor, Trey found his way into public speaking for household celebrity names like Daymond John and Tony Robbins. Traveling the world, the power of the mic, and meeting his idols led Trey to discover many tools that the ultra successful use to stay in flow - where they sustain real success on all planes of life - health, wealth, and love.

Alongside his wife Grace, Trey now leads a community that helps overwhelmed business owners gain clarity so they can confidently scale their time with team, to get past hard, make the greatest impact possible and live a life they love.

Del Lewis, TriClare Business Holdings

Del is founder & CEO of TriClare Business Holdings, venturepreneur, voice actor, mentor, investor and Genius Group Level 2 Partner.

He spent several years as an investment banker with a major bank in New York. His professional career has included founding and operating profitable businesses, structuring and negotiating multi-million dollar transactions, and raising debt and equity capital.

Del now specialises in making business problems go away so that entrepreneurs can do what they love and make more money! He has owned businesses in the maritime industry, the food service industry, business consulting and real estate - partnering with outstanding, successful entrepreneurs and helping them to create professional & personal lives that are fulfilling, stress free, profitable and abundant.

On this webinar they will be sharing with you their plans and strategies for reinventing educationI

See you all on the call!

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