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Integrated Holistic Health Network
The purpose of this group is to create an adaptable, integrated and personalized network for holistic health and wellness so that together we reduce the chronic burden of preventable disease in our lifetime.
Genius Ninjas
This circle is for all team members of Genius Group! A place where we can all connect, share achievements, updates, customer feedback and simple appreciations of your fellow Genius Ninjas too!
Escape The Rat Race - Your Ticket To Escape The 9-5.
Only join this circle if..... You're in a 9-5 job and you hate it. Your boss drives you mad, you're over-worked and under-appreciated....and you need an escape or You've started your own business, but it's not yet generating enough cash, and you need...
Health Dynamics
Discover your personal path to health by taking the Health Dynamics Profile Test! We will match your Wealth Dynamics profile to your body type and revolutionise your approach to health and wellness by empowering you to achieve new levels of well-being and success in your...
Ribby Hall Preston, UK Workshops - November 2016
This Circle is for our awesome Flow Consultants attending our Business Accelerator and Performance Consulting workshops in November 2016. This is where everyone can connect before the event, post queries and get key event information. Welcome!
The Millionaire Master Plan
The objective in this mission is to learn your natural path in wealth.
Steel Genius
Steel Genius are Systems Smart. They take care with detail, but are often over-cautious. Figures from Warren Buffett to Henry Ford and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg share this genius. This circle is for Steel Geniuses to connect and build.
Tempo Genius
Tempo Genius are Senses Smart. Grounded, but often get lost in activity. Leaders from Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa share this genius. This circle is for Tempo Geniuses to connect and organise.
Blaze Genius
Blaze Genius are People Smart. They love people, but get distracted quickly. Icons from Marilyn Monroe to Oprah and Bill Clinton share this genius. This circle is for Blaze Geniuses to connect and communicate.
Dynamo Genius
Dynamo Genius are Ideas Smart. They are great at starting things, but not so good at finishing. Greats include famous entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This circle is for Dynamo Geniuses to connect and innovate.