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Vet Dynamics Flow Consultant Circle
All mentors who work with Alan & Vicky in Vet Dynamics :)
Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Genius Startups
Genius Startups
Highly Sensitive People
The purpose of this circle is to help highly sensitive people understand more about their unique biology and nature as well as to help people understand the benefits that these gifted people bring to the world.
Sustainable Accessible Technology
all things us techies like to discuss around futures and particularly technology supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Genius Apprentice Program (GAP)
Genius Apprentice Program
Young Entrepreneur Leaders [ 18-25 yrs old ]
This circle is for Young Entrepreneurs ages 18-25 who need a little more guidance and teaching alongside mentoring. This group is for young go-getters who have the motivation and drive to power the sails of their own ship but need a little help navigating and steering through...
Metaphysical Entrepreneurs
What would it take for us just to be?
The Future Of Marketing
This is a group dedicated to keeping up to speed with the rapid changes in marketing technology. As we know, technology is developing at an exponential rate and marketing technology is no different. We have Artificial Intelligent, Virtual and Augmented Reality already with us...
Sligo City Circle
Be part of an Entrepreneur Social event from your city - Join us in Sligo for inspiring Entrepreneur Speakers and Networking events!