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Cashflow Management
Write your Money Story
Write your Money Story   Do you want money to flow into your business so you can create the business, life and impact you want?   Would...
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Mentoring Programs
Entrepreneur Summer School
Join us for the Entrepreneur Summer School this summer. This program includes over $6,500 worth of products!   The Program Inclusions are: ...
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Cashflow Management
Change your Money Story
Change your Money Story   So, would you like to change this relationship and make your money and numbers work for you?    Money is a key...
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Sharpen your Focus
Join me for a 121 mentoring session so you can enjoy less stress, increased performance and more fun in your life   We will work together to ...
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Mentoring Programs
Clarity Session
CLARITY SESSION Purchase a 45-minute Clarity Session to gain clarity on where you are, what you want and what is required to bridge the gap. Lea...
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Mentoring Programs
A Teen Dynamics Discovery Call
~ Time to Discover Your Unique Genius Talents and Capabilities ~  After experiencing Talent Dynamics, the power of the profile results and the d...
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Microdegree Planning Session
What better way to establish yourself as an authority in any niche than turning your knowledge into a microdegree?  It can be daunting, though. ...
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Mentoring Programs
Promotion Planning 121 with Michelle Clarke
During the Crisis, many successful businesses which were generating $80K-250k per year, have simply dropped revenues overnight. Most business owner...
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The Winning LinkedIn Profile
"Get Your LinkedIn® Profile Sorted!" 1-1 Mentoring session. Think about your ideal client, I mean your absolute dream look at your L...