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Mentoring Programs
Vision Alignment Session
You love your business.  You are passionate about it and about giving your highest value to your clients.But your days are full of frustration, dis...
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Mentoring Programs
Crisis Leadership Academy Microcourse
The 4 weeks CLA Micro course - valued at $495 The CLA Microcourse is an online course that you can lead yourself through over 4 weeks, which includ...
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Mentoring Programs
Crisis Leadership Academy Microschool
What's included in the Crisis Leadership Academy? (CLA) The 4 weeks CLA Micro School - valued at $2,495The 4-week accelerator-based upon your earni...
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Mentoring Programs
4K TV Ready Visionary Adverts: Capturing What You Stand For
VISION DYNAMICS: IMPRINTING YOUR VISION ON ALL YOUR BRANDING The New Earth Visionaries is a cutting edge media company producing Visionary Adv...
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Energy Coaching Session
Are these uncertain times taking a toll on your well-being? Are you clear on what you need to do but are too emotionally overwhelmed? Balance your ...
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Mentoring Programs
InSight-U Coaching Programme
Are you an aspiring or existing entrepreneur/leader searching for your ‘why’ or needing to reconnect with your purpose to make a bigger difference ...
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Mentoring Programs
Flow Consultant Business Development Training
   A 12 week program for Flow Consultants to implement their learnings from the Microdegree; define, plan, understand and launch their promotion...
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Mentoring Programs
Health Dynamics Profile Test & Comprehensive Debrief Session
While Health Dynamics is a personalised health system for modern times, it draws from a rich body of knowledge - The Ayurveda Teachings that date b...
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Mentoring Programs
Find your Flow Deep Conversation
As an entrepreneur you work hard and you know all about hustle. But what happens when you run out of steam and that hustle feels like it's draining...