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Mentoring Programs
TAME® Your Brain Coaching and Entrepreneur Course
Define your talents and ideas into a course that’s perfectly designed to fit YOU. This is no off-the-shelf franchise, it’s intensely personal and p...
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Mentoring Programs
BSI Leadership Mastermind
Join this 7 week leadership accelerator to kick start you in becoming the best leader you can be. During this interactive highly engaged program...
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Mentoring Programs
Team Dynamics Workshop (5 Team)
Accelerate the trust and flow in your team in this 3 hour highly engaged team workshop. Unlock new value and revenues and identify key ways to incr...
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Property Investing
ASANA Property Microcourse - SPRING
Vision & Strategy   ASANA Property Microcourses are aimed at everyone who wants to get started in property investment, review or reset th...
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Mentoring Programs
3 Months' Private Marketing Mentoring
Does the mere thought of marketing your business or product cause you anxiety? I get it. You didn't become an entrepreneur just to spend your ti...
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Mentoring Programs
Crypto Investor Club - done with you
This Program will allow you to go from complete beginner to confident investor in cryptocurrencies. You can be a crypto investor and manage your as...
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Mentoring Programs
Crypto 1 to 1 Hourly Session
These are one to one 1 hour sessions tailored to your specific needs and planned according to your experience level and help needed.   The se...
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Mentoring Programs
Career + Life Happiness Coaching
What difference would it make if you were happy at work, and with your work-life integration to live a life you can truly marvel at?   What i...
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Mentoring Programs
Future Fit Leadership - Gold Level
This programme is best suited to someone who is looking to make significant changes in their business to ensure it can take advantage of the many o...