Alison Shadrack
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Colchester, UK
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Experienced Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur level: Scaleup
Founder of Adia PR - the PR Agency for Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders
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Certifications & Assessments

  • Health spectrum test
  • Health dynamics test
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World class Certifications and Microschools for entrepreneurs at every level.

Top Purpose

Climate Action

Combat climate change and its impact

Top 5 Passions

  • Family


  • Health


  • Business


  • Wealth


  • Freedom


Alison's Genius



Loves people, but gets distracted quickly, like Marilyn Monroe & Oprah Winfrey.

Alison's Profile



Supporters are excellent with people, and will always be found in the middle of the party.

Top 10 values

  • Attention
  • Awareness
  • Contribution
  • Growth
  • Gratitude
  • Humility
  • Achievement
  • Freedom
  • Motivation
  • Love



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    GeniusU Investor Campus

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    GeniusU Investor Campus

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    GeniusU Investor Campus

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    GeniusU Partner Campus

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    Investment Mastery

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    Entrepreneur Summer School Circle


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    Media Marketing Blueprint for Business Fame

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    Discovery Call to Create Your Business Fame

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    How To Do Your Own PR


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    GIE Online: A How To Conversation with Matthew Kimberley


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    GIE Online: A How To Conversation with Melanie Colling


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    2 Day European Entrepreneur Summit 2020 I London


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    Genius 5.0 Partner Pre Launch with Roger Hamilton


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    GEM Webinar - March 2021 - EMEA, APAC



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Emily Milsom

Wow, Alison's Microschool about Influencer's has been incredible. The course is well planned out, engaging and helpful. Alison really knows her stuff and has amazing case studies to share, so you really feel able to dive straight in. Recommend anyone to work with Alison!

Martin Haseman 🔥

Alison is a free-thinking and strategic marketer with true entrepreneurial spirit. Not only has she rolled up her own sleeves and grown her own international business in the past, she has a keen understanding of how to push and promote the businesses of her peers and clients alike. Anyone working with Alison will no doubt enjoy the process very much and benefit from her knowledge and skill set. Don't hesitate... push the go button now!

Inarra Griffyn

Alison is a smart savvy woman with a glint in her eye about PR and how to get your work out there. I've worked with her since the beginning of the Trusted Buyer's Club with her social media package - all excellent - and now she's taking on publishers to pitch to them with a book I've written. Her skills are incredible and she's absolutely wonderful to work with. Highly recommended! Sally x

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