Vanessa Zamy
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The Business Defibrillator™ | Business Recovery Expert for Retail and Restaurant Businesses
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Clients praise our business consulting services for helping them to plan, prioritize, and implement strategies needed to progress their businesses closer to their goal and vision. Since our founding in 2019, Your Vision’s Catalyst has provided premier consulting services with a positive track record for helping businesses assess their personal and business strategic areas for development that will position them towards efficient business continuity and growth. Thirteen years after opening her brick-and-mortar antiques shop, Lori found herself with stagnant sales 2018-2020 before squandering thousands of dollars on failed marketing tactics in 2021. After employing our approach, Lori ended 2021 with a 41% increase in sales from the previous year! Currently, Lori enjoys better sleep and trips around the US with her husband as they await their granddaughter’s birth. Talina understandably did not think she could move forward after unexpectedly losing her husband, and her substitute teacher job during the pandemic. After applying our approach, she shares, “The business is thriving just taking Vanessa’s advice.” Armed with the abundance of her dog-breeding business, Talina moved forward on her dream to write a children’s book and was recognized by a major regional media outlet. Currently, Talina is helping one of her four children start a graphic design business.

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Quality Education

Quality education and lifelong learning for all

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Takes care of the detail, but often over-cautious, like Mark Zuckerberg & Benjamin Franklin.



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Dionne Jude

Vanessa is an experienced mentor with great insight and knowledge about business development and growth. Her energy alone inspires you to want to do more and with her guidance and direction, you can trust the strategies she develops with you to produce results. Vanessa is very detailed and structured in her approach, with no stone unturned she holds you accountable and pushes you to exceed your goals. My conversations with Vanessa are never dull and I always leave energised knowing the expectations are high and that she is there to support me.

Stefan Goergner

Vanessa has a certain vibe. She takes her time with you and is very quick on the uptake and very good at getting to the heart of things so you can focus on what’s really important. Thank you Vanessa for your openess, your interest and for taking so much time for me!

Lorraine Duncan

Vanessa is a strong leader and a great strategic consultant. I have had the privilege of collaborating with her on a project and she did everything in a timely manner. Also, she is a wealth of information. I would recommend her for any job.

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Vanessa Zamy

Vanessa Zamy
posted in mentor circle: For Mom-and-Pop Shops, Boutique Brands, Local Salons, and Delicious Storefronts

Aug 16, 2022 at 18:38 in United States

Welcome to the community! Please introduce yourself to the group, show support to others, and HAVE FUN!! As a member of this group, you also get your own personal concierge, someone on #TeamCatalyst to support you during your experience We're here for you! Introduce yourself with a photo reflecting something you love doing - reading, hiking, teaching, sleeping, etc. #HustleAndBreathe
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