Jan Polak
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Slovakia, Czech Republic, EU, Global
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Experienced Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur level: Scaleup
Practical idealist, pioneer of a new business paradigm and purpose-driven enterprise
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  • Health spectrum test
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World class Certifications and Microschools for entrepreneurs at every level.

Mentor experience

Master practitioner of Wealth Dynamics since 2007. Consultant, lead trainer of Talent Dynamics since 2009. Co-creator of Flow and Performance Consultant certification programs. Master trainer of Wealth and Talent Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultant certification.

Top Purpose

Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthen partnerships across all the goals

Top 5 Passions

  • Health


  • Learning


  • Spirit


  • Family


  • Teaching


Jan's Genius



Loves people, but gets distracted quickly, like Marilyn Monroe & Oprah Winfrey.

Jan's Profile



Creators are great at getting things started, and terrible at finishing.

Top 10 values

  • Contribution
  • Gratitude
  • Presence
  • Resilience
  • Curiosity
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Humor
  • Kindness
  • Thoughtfulness



  • 7

    Genius Guide to Health

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    Microschool Design & B...

  • Health dynamics

    Health Dynamics Microd...

  • Entrepreneurship

    Creating More Impact O...

  • Academics

    Crisis Leadership Acad...

  • Academics

    Crisis Leadership Acad...

  • Sales

    Entrepreneur Summer Sc...

  • Lifestyle

    Wealth Dynamics Master...

  • Marketing

    Marketing 5.0 Microsch...


  • 10

    Flow Consultant

  • 15

    Your Genius

  • 19

    Yellow to Green: Scali...

  • 13

    Find Your Flow

  • 16

    Your Passions

  • 9

    Talent Dynamics

  • 2

    The Millionaire Master...

  • 17

    Your Purpose

  • 3

    MMP Infrared to Red: C...

  • 18

    MMP Red to Orange: Con...

  • 4

    MMP Orange to Yellow: ...

  • 20

    Your Legacy

  • 14

    Entrepreneur Mentor Ce...

  • 6

    Genius Guide to Success

  • 8

    Wealth Dynamics

  • 2020

    2020 Ready Accelerator

  • Management

    Entrepreneur Dynamics

  • Sales

    Marketing 5.0 Microsch...

  • Strategy

    Marketing 5.0 Registra...

  • Personal development

    10x Your Impact

  • Entrepreneurship

    AI Genius Entrepreneur...



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    AI Avatar Microschool

  • Wd4ew small flower 3

    Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

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    Listening Circle

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    Entrepreneur Campus

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    Faculty, Community, Curriculum & Translation Partners ( L3 partners only)

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    Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

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    Digital Enterprise - Wealth Dynamic Masters Virtual Retreat - Europe

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    Entrepreneur Summer School Agile Leadership with Jan Polak

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    Entrepreneur Summer School Circle

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    Prague City Circle


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    Reset, Restart, Recalibrate Your Flow - 121 Strategy Session with Jan Polak

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    Personal Rhythm Clinic - 121 Design session with Jan Polak


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  • Mentor circle icon

    Exclusive Partner Webinar with Roger James Hamilton


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    Trusted Nugget: Learn how to avoid distraction and s...


  • Mentor circle icon

    Genius 5.0 Partner Pre Launch with Roger Hamilton


  • Desktop desktop gu icon

    GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT - 1st & 2nd Dec 22 [Virtual]


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    Global A.I. Investor Summit 2023



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Recently Added

Basil Mclaughlin

Jan igazi útmutató volt a GeniusU-val való tanulási utamon. Segített átgondolni a prioritásaimat, kitűzni a GeniusU-val kapcsolatos éves céljaimat, és megtalálni a megfelelő partnereket és termékeket a flow-m kiépítéséhez. A mentorálása új perspektívákat nyitott meg előttem, és segített felszabadítani a GAP programban rejlő lehetőségeimet. Hálás vagyok a támogatásáért és a meglátásaiért! gap

Jacqueline Muili

Just had an inspiring conversation with Jan…who gently reflected that “mirror” for me to see clearly what I had subconsciously decided. Having joined GeniusU in Dec23, I now happily embrace the Creator Profile that I am, which has helped me realise that I am fully equipped to do this life’s journey as I am…Nothing Broken & Nothing Missing. What relief indeed and thank God for Roger’s work.
Thank you again Jan, for your gentle magic touch.

Peter Chrenko

I just had a great mentoring session with Jan. As a Dynamo profile, I quickly embrace new ideas and opportunities and as I joined GeniusU last November, I immediately seized various programs and opportunities while managing my current business. However, I felt overwhelmed, currently engaged in the GAP program without completing previous microdegrees. Jan refocused my attention, helping me prioritize for my current journey, defining my end-of-year goals with GeniusU, and guided me to search for the right partners and entry products to generate my flow.

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