Ronny Kvist
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Marbella, Spain
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Entrepreneur level: Scaleup
Author - Public speaker - Online education program for health professionals
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Mentor experience

I have been mentoring and coaching my whole career for the past 30 years. In the first years it was mostly in the sports world, since I am an exercise physiologist by profession. But slowly but surely I did more and more in health performance and in the past 15 years or so it has mostly been in mentoring healthpreneurs creating successful businesses and many of them has been working with me personally. For the past 4 years my main focus is mentoring in how to build a successful online business in the area of health.

Top Purpose

Good Health & Well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Top 5 Passions

  • Health


  • Family


  • Freedom


  • Partner


  • Teaching


Ronny's Genius



Great at starting things, but not so good at finishing, like Albert Einstein & Richard Branson.

Ronny's Profile



Stars are excellent promoters and are high in both Dynamo and Blaze energy.

Top 10 values

  • Balance
  • Growth
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Enthusiasm
  • Spontaneity
  • Family
  • Happiness



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    Speaker Sales Plan

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    Talent Dynamics

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    Yellow to Green: Scali...

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    5-Day $50k Global Educ...

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    Your Purpose

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    The 5-Day $5K Challenge

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    10x Your Impact

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    5-Day $50k Global Entr...

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    5-Day $50k Impact Inve...

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    Flow Consultant

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    The Millionaire Master...


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    GEM - Getting Started

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    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    5-Day $50k Impact Inve...

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    Wealth Dynamics

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    Educator 5.0

  • Strategy

    Leader 5.0 Microschool

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    Educator 5.0 Registrat...

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    Wealth Dynamics Master...

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    Cash Flow 5.0 Registra...

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    Your Genius

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    Find Your Flow


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    April 2022 Online Performance Consultant Certification

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Sheffield Ananthasenan Indrasenan

In the brief time I have known Ronny, he has been a great help to me. Based on a brief conversation, Ronny has helped me gain clarity on my vision for my health business which has speeded up my progress to my set goals. He was able to do this because he is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of healthpreneurship and is very generous with expertise.

VLynn Hawkins

It has been a pleasure to know Ronny as part of Educator 5.0 and the Genius Accelerator Program. Ronny is a visionary in action and it is a pleasure seeing the work he has done and the things for health and wellness that he's accomplished. Since we share the same global goal of health and wellbeing, I am looking forward to supporting Ronny in a mutual effort to make the world a healthier, better place.

Francine Beleyi

Ronny is really passionate about making a difference as a healthpreneur. He brought a great deal of passion, insights and enthusiasm during the Educator 5.0 micro-school. I look forward to seeing his business grow.

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