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Level 3 Partner (Curriculum/Country Leader)




The global training and education market will reach $10 trillion in size by 2030. It is the biggest industry in the world ready for disruption. As we go from industrial one-size-fits-all education and training to personalised mentorship and digital learning, there are simple ways for you to benefit from this disruption today.

The current educational and business landscape is constantly changing, and this can present many challenges for educators and business owners. Keeping up with new technologies and teaching methods, adapting to changing market trends, acquiring and engaging customers sustainably and staying competitive are just a few of the difficulties they face. Genius Group can help educators, community builders and business owners overcome these challenges and thrive in their professions and businesses.

A Level 3 Curriculum Partner is an educator or company who is looking to develop & digitize their content by reaching out to our Global Community on GeniusU.
When you join as a Content Partner, you take one of the limited curriculum seats with a content position in the region in 2024 and beyond. You can then earn in the following ways:

  • Generate revenue by building your products: Based on the metrics, you can grow a profitable product line integrated into the GeniusU curriculum with the Genius Formula and our global network. Follow the training and mentoring we provide and use the tools to build your pathway.
  • Increase revenue with your own products: You can also increase revenue by creating local versions of products in partnership with our Country Partners, City Leaders and having your brand and courses featured in our campuses and summits. Plus your branding and recognition as a Content Partner will support the growth of your current business.
  • Increase revenue with your own team: As a Content Partner you can attract Faculty Leaders who will also deliver your training and courses. You can also earn from the certifications they take and a 5% override on their earnings.


Level 3 Country Leader is a leader of communities who has connections in many different areas like schools, universities, locations and would like to not design content, but would like to share GeniusU's content.

When you join as a Country Leader, you take one of the limited locations with a leadership position in the region in 2024 and beyond. You can then earn in the following ways:

  • Generate revenue by building your region: Based on the metrics, you can grow a profitable community with 20% earnings from marketing fees on all Content Partners you choose to partner with. That includes all GeniusU purchases your community makes throughout the year.
  • Increase revenue with your own products: You can also increase revenue by creating local versions of products in partnership with Content Partners (adding 10% earnings) and building your own Genius Igniter team for upgrade calls (adding 10% earnings). Plus your branding and recognition as a Country Leader will support the growth of your current business.
  • Increase revenue with your own team: As a Country Leader you can recruit City Leaders and earn 5% override on their marketing fees. You can also recruit local Faculty Leaders with local certifications, earning both from the certifications and 5% override on their earnings.

By joining us as a Level 3 partner we will take you on a journey to increase your revenue so that you could potentially earn between $300 - $1.5M per annum by
working with us with you to build your Genius Pathway on GeniusU, with specific metrics and proven systems.

Who should apply: 

  • All GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute partners, affiliates and resellers who are looking to scale up this year and grow their community or education business with us.
  • If you are a coach, trainer, presenter, mentor or educator looking to grow your business rapidly in the next year. You are currently driving about $500,000 or more within your current niche
  • Scale up entrepreneurs currently generating between $15k and $100k per month in revenues and looking to scale up further in 2024.
  • Community builders who are looking to collaborate with an education company that has exceptional content for their tribe. Your community is between 8,000 and 10,000 people.

In order to grow the education revolution we need your help! Come and join us to find out how you as an educator or community builder can partner with us so that we can change the world of Education.

Package Includes:

Full price $32,000 with flexible payment plans.

Package Includes:

  • Bundle of 50 AI Entrepreneur Resources Kit - valued at $2,350
  • Personalised AI Entrepreneur Resource page - valued at $2,500
  • 2 Places in Entrepreneur Certification - Four Microschools over Four Quarters - valued @ $9,000
    • AI Entrepreneur Microschool
    • AI Avatar Microschool
    • AI Influencer Microschool
    • AI Metaversity Microschool
  • Level 3 Curriculum or Country Partner ($32,000)
  • Crystal Circle Emerald membership with Roger ($18,000)
  • Crystal Circle Quarterly Meet with Roger ($1,495)
  • Performance Consultant virtual certification* - valued at $2,900
  • Genius Educator Metaversity - ($970)
  • Mentor Status on GeniusU - ($970)
  • Flow Consultant Scholar - ($1,500)
  • 300 Wealth Dynamics/Talent Dynamics 5.0 tokens ($29,100)
  • 12 week Genius Accelerator Programme - ($2,500)
  • Advanced ScoreApp - $1,300
  • AL Toolkit - $47
  • Bonus: Includes AI Workshop in LA worth $2,500 - join before 
    end of February 2024!

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