Monique Konings
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I help sustainable entrepreneurs find their ideal customers.
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  • Health spectrum test
  • Health dynamics test

Mentor experience

Monique has a background in healthcare and marketing. She is a real pioneer having realized many projects from scratch in various organizations. She is a strong analyzer and cuts right through the crap, helps to bring clarity and keeps the main course in mind. She has a proven record of strong horizontal leadership; she is able to motivate and inspire people without having to lean on ‘being the boss’. For over 20 years she has worked on her own personal development through coaching, training and self study. She is a Reiki Master and Healer and studied Energy Management/Eco-therapy and is a therapist for Energetic bodywork and Multidimensional Healing for grown ups and Indigo children. Monique walked the path of Tantra with Pema Gitama and is a Leader of Shamanic Ceremonies (Sweat Lodges, Sacred Grief & Gratitude Fires, Drum Circles, Medicine Wheel ceremonies). She loves cooking and was a Chef for multiple day workshops on self development. Monique is highly intuitive and has a strong connection with the plant world and the Earth.

Top Purpose

Good Health & Well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Top 5 Passions

  • Health


  • Learning


  • Connection


  • Teaching


  • Environment


Monique's Genius



Great at starting things, but not so good at finishing, like Albert Einstein & Richard Branson.

Monique's Profile



Traders have their ear-to-the-ground, with strong Tempo energy.

Top 10 values

  • Growth
  • Gratitude
  • Spirituality
  • Freedom
  • Friendship
  • Variety
  • Kindness
  • Service
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility



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    Find Your Flow

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    Start the right online...

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    Genius Test ภาษาไทย

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    Podcast Plan & Design

  • Sales

    Entrepreneur Summer Sc...

  • 2020

    2020 Ready Accelerator

  • Operations

    Genius Group Partners ...

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    5-Day $50k Global Educ...

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    Educator 5.0 Registrat...

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    Community Build & Cust...

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    Event Partners Orienta...

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    Genius Guide to Success

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    MMP Orange to Yellow: ...

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    The Millionaire Master...

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    The Winning LinkedIn F...

  • 9

    Talent Dynamics

  • Academics

    Crisis Leadership Acad...

  • Finance

    Investor 5.0

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    Entrepreneur Fast Trac...

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    Wealth Dynamics

  • 18

    MMP Red to Orange: Con...

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    Global Entrepreneurs S...

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    Your Legacy

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    Educator 5.0 Microscho...

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    Genius Metaversity - G...

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    Your Genius

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    Your Purpose

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    Community 5.0 Microsch...


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    Your Passions

  • Management

    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    Digital Flow Consultan...

  • 10

    Flow Consultant

  • 10

    Flow Consultant

  • Entrepreneurship

    How To Earn Affiliate ...

  • Strategy

    Community 5.0 Registra...

  • 3

    MMP Infrared to Red: C...


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    GeniusU Investor Campus

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    GeniusU Partner Campus

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    Entrepreneur Fast Track EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

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    Project Mastery

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    Conscious Green Entrepreneur Movement


Past (View All)

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    Stephen M.R. Covey's "Speed of Trust"


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    Empowered and Impactful Sustainability Entrepreneurs ...


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    Entrepreneur Fast Track - 25th November 2021


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    Wealth Dynamics 5.0 Workshop - 18th Oct '22


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    GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT - 1st & 2nd Dec 22 [Virtual]



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Recently Added

Kyron Gosse

I have had the pleasure of facilitating two microschools with Monique now and I really enjoy it. Monique is a great person, she takes feedback onboard and I hope to see her in another microschool in the future.

Lisa Michaels

Monique is a seriously wise soul. I've worked with her privately and her heart for global contribution is deep and wide. I also enjoyed connecting with her during the Community 5.0 microschool. She shows up engaged and wanting to contribute to others. She's a person here to motivate and inspire people! I

Harry Hellyer

Its been a pleasure sharing some of the journey through various Microschools with Monique, great attention to detail and fabulous calming energy

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