Daniel Halenko
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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Quantum thinker & conscious engineer, mobilising the rise of the collective conscious in business
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I have been involved in the business since I was 11 years old and over the years have created multiple companies one of which I sold in 2018 to focus on a new venture around smart home technology. I sit on various committees to assist in the organisation and raising funds for ventures that I ethically support whilst also heading up the Institute Of Directors 99 Entrepreneur Club for the North West which is specifically a group for owner founders to connect and drive wealth creation. I have been a mentor or coach to many people over the last ten years ranging from start-ups to established businesses and find my best value add is around innovation and effective efficient organisation and systems. I am a 50% creator at heart with a equally strong blaze and steel on either side.... ...tempo though, is not my strong point at about 10%

Top Purpose

Life on Land

Protect our forests, statement: animals and biodiversity

Top 5 Passions

  • Freedom


  • Spirit


  • Environment


  • Teaching


  • Awareness


Daniel's Genius



Great at starting things, but not so good at finishing, like Albert Einstein & Richard Branson.

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Creators are great at getting things started, and terrible at finishing.



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    How Infectious Happiness Engages Your Team….


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    Entrepreneur 5.0 London


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    Power of Partnerships


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    2 Day European Entrepreneur Summit 2019 I London


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    Part1/5 | WHY (WATER ENERGY)



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    Part1/5 | WHY (WATER ENERGY)


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    Manchester Wealth Dynamics Profiling Workshop



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Nina Fjeldhaug

Daniel is a rare breed. He is extremely smart and articulate while at the same time having this fun, loving and authentic presence. He is such a warm and open personality, and his head works really really fast. To go through Performance/ Master Trainer with Daniel has been such a pleasure and given so many insights. Now sharing the Authentic and Concious Leadership journey with Daniel and Kristina + a few more is a true joy. If you want an amazing mentor - go for it!

Kat Hamilton

Daniel is one of the most authentic, soul-full, grounded and holistic people (and leaders!) I know! He's incredibly fun, inspiring and well connected, and committed to leaving the world better than how he found it. 10/10 recommend him as a Mentor - and his hugs!

Marie Ruzicka

What an honor it is to know and work with Daniel over these past 2 years as a part of the Entrepreneurs Institute. Being tuned into his Genius as a Creator, it is a delight when he shares his innovative ideas. I happened to be with Daniel as one of the 65 Crystal Circle participants on the IChing trip to Japan and China - a 12-day trip that celebrated Roger James Hamilton's 50th year on this planet. One of the last days, we were doing an EI version of The Amazing Race around the streets of Tokyo. We were on 2 separate groups and I witnessed over and over how Daniel was all about cooperation and working together. That speaks volumes of who Daniel is and what he stands for. If you are looking for a Master Trainer on the Wealth Dynamics model, if you are looking for a Keynote Speaker who will stand and deliver more value than you can imagine, then choose Daniel Happy Henky Halenko.

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