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Making business problems go away so that entrepreneurs can do what they love and make more money!
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World class Certifications and Microschools for entrepreneurs at every level.

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Over the past 25 years, I've partnered with, and worked alongside many outstanding & wildly successful entrepreneurs & business leaders helping them to create Professional & Personal Lives that are » Fulfilling » Stress Free » Profitable » & Abundant.

Top Purpose

Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthen partnerships across all the goals

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  • Wealth


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  • Teaching


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  • Sport


Del's Genius



Takes care of the detail, but often over-cautious, like Mark Zuckerberg & Benjamin Franklin.

Del's Profile



Mechanics are the best at completing things.



  • Entrepreneurship

    How To Earn Affiliate ...

  • 2020

    2020 Ready Accelerator

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    MMP Infrared to Red: C...

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    Wealth Dynamics

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    Talent Dynamics

  • Sales

    Entrepreneur Summer Sc...

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    Your Purpose

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    MMP Orange to Yellow: ...

  • Business law

    The Trusted Buyers Club

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    Your Genius

  • Degree icon 1717617596

    Your Genius

  • 13

    Find Your Flow

  • Academics

    Educator 5.0

  • Management

    Entrepreneur Dynamics

  • Sales

    Marketing 5.0 Microsch...


  • Lifestyle

    Wealth Dynamics Master...

  • 16

    Your Passions

  • 10

    Flow Consultant

  • 2

    The Millionaire Master...


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    GeniusU Investor Campus

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    Faculty, Community, Curriculum & Translation Partners (L2 partners only)

  • Geniusu

    Genius 5.0: Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Group 4982

    Educator 5.0 (4 week Microschool)

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    The Human Balance Sheet - 3 Month Access

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    Beyond The Promises: The Real Solution To MLM Success!

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    Beyond The Promises: The Real Solution To MLM Success! - E-book

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    Beyond The Promises: The Real Solution To MLM Success! - Audiobook

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    Beyond The Promises: The Real Solution To MLM Success! - E-book & Audiobook Combo

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    An Assessment of Your Network Marketing Business

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    New Consultants Welcome & Onboarding Call


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    Genius 5.0 Partner Pre Launch with Roger Hamilton


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    Live GEM Webinar - April 2021


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    Global Impact Investor Summit - August 2021



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Recently Added

Angel17 Superstore

He is so dedicated at what he do. Keep up the great work! Chevy Dealer Fort Wayne

Yvonne Hägglund

I have had the pleasure to have Del as my sound board when I was feeling stuck on my journey starting a new business aligned with my wealth creation strategy. Del kindly shared his wisdom, deep entrepreneurial knowledge and experience with presence and engagement. He provided me with food for thought and a solid suggestion to go with.
Thank you so much Del for your valuable time and support when I needed it.

Joyce Yspeert

Del. I just want to thank you for the session on 1/3 2022. I was very unmotivated since I was feeling really out of it and did not feel that I had anything to contribute. Your voice, however, is so calming and reassuring I can listen to you for hours. In the end, I had fun and still learned so much. You unleashed a beast when you told me to "Dream BIG". I am dreaming big and even though I am not ready yet, I was put into a break-out room with a lady last night who gave me some valuable advice. It just goes to show that by putting something out there, the Universe will provide even if it is a simple piece of advice. Baby steps are still a step forward.

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