Jennifer Sharkey
Bloomington, IL 61701, USA
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Mentor experience

Public speaking skills; presentation design, video editing, advanced Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, instructional design

Top Purpose

Life on Land

Protect our forests, statement: animals and biodiversity

Top 5 Passions

  • Environment


  • Freedom


  • Balance


  • Connection


  • Intellect


Jennifer's Genius



Takes care of the detail, but often over-cautious, like Mark Zuckerberg & Benjamin Franklin.



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    The Millionaire Master...

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    Wealth Dynamics

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    MMP Infrared to Red: C...

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    Find Your Flow


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    Your Passions

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    Your Genius

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    GEM - Getting Started

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    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    Marketing 5.0 Microschool

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    Sales 5.0 Microcourse

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    How To Earn Affiliate ...

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    Educator 5.0


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    Educator 5.0 (4 week Microschool)

  • Group 4982

    Sales 5.0 Microschool

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    Portugal Is Calling

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    Marketing 5.0 Microschool

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    Entrepreneur Dynamics



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    Partner pre-launch! How to generate $100K in 12 months with $1 mil impact?


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    GEM Webinar - February 2021 - NASA


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    Marketing 5.0 Bonus Session with Michelle Clarke


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    Bonus Session with Donna Izobella



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Trish Alexander

I hired Jennifer Sharkey to update the look and feel of my promo plan and the work she did was simply stunning. She created a beautiful and clear story of who I am and what my product is all about. I certainly sit up a little higher when I share the google slides with my potential clients. I am confident that part of the reason new clients will trust me is that she created such a good story about my product. Hire her to assist you with your presentations--she loves to do it and it shows.

VLynn Hawkins

Jennifer is a gifted educator. Her vision for her business is very strong. I've seen her become more confident in her desire to move into it full-time, knowing when the time is right to do so and the joy she feels as she makes more big strides to creating the foundation and putting it in place. She's gifted in her craft and it's a real treat seeing her continue the forward movement with such great determination.

Lisa Michaels

Jennifer's knowledge of her craft shines through her work. She's a dedicated entrepreneur who truly has the heart to serve and support others!

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Jennifer Sharkey

Jennifer Sharkey created a new company

May 8, 2021 at 00:05 in Bloomington, IL 61701, USA - Report

Jennifer Sharkey

Jennifer teaches entrepreneurs how to create presentations that allows them to connect with audiences, convey a clear message, and design beautiful visuals through high-touch, high-impact online courses.

Jennifer Sharkey

Jennifer Sharkey

Dec 12, 2020 at 22:18 in Bloomington, IL 61701, USA - Report

The guided process of identifying passions and then writing personal markers that show you are living that passion provided clarity in where I need to focus my attention.