Daniello Greco
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Perth WA, Australia
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Leadership performance expert to help you deliver greater results with sacred-purpose.
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I have worked tirelessly in a diverse variety of leadership roles across a range of verticals in the last two decades. As of now, I advise senior leaders in remote team development and teach esoteric wisdom for a top-tier spiritual institute. If your aim is to emerge as a self-aware, charismatic, and soul-inspired leader who transforms a business into an expression of world evolution and audacious inspiration for their team, I can help you get there.

Top Purpose

Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthen partnerships across all the goals

Daniello's Genius



Great at starting things, but not so good at finishing, like Albert Einstein & Richard Branson.

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Stars are excellent promoters and are high in both Dynamo and Blaze energy.



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    GeniusU Investor Campus

  • Stephen3

    Trust & Inspire Microschool North & South America (NASA)

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    Trust & Inspire Microschool Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

  • Stephen3

    Trust & Inspire Microschool Australasia & Pacific (APAC)

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    Entrepreneur Fast Track May 2022



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    Entrepreneur Fast Track - 9th November 2021


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    Entrepreneur Fast Track - 29th March 2022



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Zander Garcez

Daniello is a powerful leader and a master in increasing performance by maximizing innovation. We participated at Educator 5.0 together and I'm looking forward to new conversations with him to leverage our expertise as we work in the same field of human excellence.

Sarah Best

Great initiative! Thanks for being a fab colleague on our Educator 5.0 journey. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully in your work. All the best!

Laura Hartley

It has been wonderful to support Daniello on Educator and FC. I cant wait to see how he implements the learning into his business.

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