Brenda Hetman-Craig
2400 Anderton Road, Comox, BC, Canada
Mentor rank #215 of 2495
Genius Level: Mentor
Experienced Entrepreneur
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Top Purpose

Good Health & Well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Top 5 Passions

  • Partner


  • Family


  • Freedom


  • Spirit


  • Fun




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    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    Your Passions

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    Wealth Dynamics Masters Virtual North & South America - May 2021

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Recently Added

Lourdes Gant

I've admired Brenda in what she and her family do in their business. I'm fortunate enough to be able her winery where I bring most of our clients to enjoy the manifestation of her vision.
She's avant-garde in her entrepreneurial prowess. Highly recommended!

Josef Hajkr

Brenda participated in the Wealth Dynamic Masters with me. She won with her project in a huge competition. I can say that it was well deserved. What she and her husband were able to create is amazing. It epitomizes how an entrepreneur should work. What to express. What to bring. I myself live in the Czech Republic in South Moravia. We are a wine region. I know how wine is part of the culture and how it can be a useful source of joy.

Lisa Michaels

Brenda commitment to sustainability and really making a difference in her industry is inspiring! I've so enjoyed getting to know her and connecting to her vision in Wealth Dynamics Masters. She's someone to tune into as a successful entrepreneur.

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