Jorunn Horgen
Hyggen, Norway
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Startup Entrepreneur
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Entrepreneur and flow accelerator - Unleash the natural Vibrant power to be in your flow
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Nina Fjeldhaug

Jorunn is an awesome DYNAMO Creator - always quick to see opportunities and the big picture of things.
She is a multitalent and being a former world champion of windsurfing FLOW and using the principles of trusting and understanding nature is integrated in her body and DNA. It is a brilliant background for bridging these principles into business and entrepreneurship as well as finding personal and professional FLOW.
I am so happy to be on this journey with you and for what we will co-create to bring positive impact in Norway and globally.

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Jorunn Horgen

Jorunn Horgen
posted in mentor circle: Entrepreneur Campus

Oct 16, 2022 at 20:37 in Hyggen, Norway

Hi, I am a clear Creator profile with a lot of Dynamo energy balanced equally with my Mechanic and Star wings. . I have been in a transformation process the last two years, full time as a leader in the Norwegian Olympic com., to find my spaces as a Creator. I ended my current job, did av restart and went back to be an entrepreneur. Together with my son we have develop a new Wingfoil brand, Vibrant Surf, and after the first pilot year ready to step it up for 2023. Check out (only in norwegian so fare). I am in a partnership with Ispirit (Nina Fjeldhaug) and did the Flow consultant program this summer. Parallell to our wingfoil business I will develop talent- and teambuilding programs with "water and flow" ( as a former windsurfing elite athlete I love water and wind), involved in board works and like to challenge structures to get more space for an entrepreneur mindset,. I am happy to join this circle and are open to explore new possibilities.



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  • Michelle Nolting

    Michelle Nolting

    Nov 12, 2022 at 15:35 in Greece

    Thanks for sharing Jorunn! Sounds wonderful! What profiles are you looking to connect with?

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