Rosaleen Bloomfield
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United Kingdom
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  • Health spectrum test
  • Health dynamics test

Top Purpose

Good Health & Well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Top 5 Passions

  • Wealth


  • Health


  • Spirit


  • Leadership


  • Travel


Rosaleen's Genius



Grounded, but often gets lost in activity, like Nelson Mandela & Mother Teresa.

Rosaleen's Profile



Traders have their ear-to-the-ground, with strong Tempo energy.

Top 10 values

  • Awareness
  • Balance
  • Contribution
  • Generosity
  • Curiosity
  • Freedom
  • Collaboration
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Loyalty



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    Wealth Dynamics

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    Talent Dynamics

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    10x Your Impact

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    Your Passions

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    Your Purpose

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    Flow Consultant

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Recently Added

Josef Hajkr

I joined the GeniusU community in January 2021. Started attending Emerald CC and eventually became a Faculty Level 2 Partner. Rosaleen has been supporting me the whole time. I can say that the experience for the whole year was not outstanding. There are a lot of things that are changing. The world is fast-paced. Rosaleen solves everything with a smile, helps, passes on information. Every organization needs a great visionary and leader (Roger), but at the same time, it needs sensitive, caring and accurate people like Rosaleen is. I can only recommend working with her to everyone! She will write, she will call, she will not forget. She is such a guardian angel.

Maria Perrino

I had a hand analysis by Rosaleen in July 2021. It was a real eye opener as I subconsciously knew the things I was being told but had not brought them into my subconscious so that I could do something about them and make the necessary changes needed in my life.
Since this date a lot has happened and the Universe has brought about those changes to the forefront where I have had to deal with certain situations and look deep inside myself . I have had to revalue myself and work on those areas which needed attention.
Listening to the hand analysis again and again lets me hear the same things but in different ways. Rosaleen certainly hit the nail on the head and has allowed me to retrospectively review the changes I have made. Of course life is a lesson and I still have lots more to learn but at least I understand my life purpose and what I am here to achieve.
This has been a great experience which I would recommend anyone to have, It opens your eyes to who you are and where you should be going and it helps you to see how life can be so much more than it could be if you are willing to accept and tackle the changes needed to achieve this.
Thank you so much for the insight and the opportunity to do something about it
All the best

Salimata Ballo

During the beginning of the pandemic and the lockdown, we were all in a confused mental state, as for me I was recovering from a total hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy.

I was unwell and my sickness, we believe was from my psychological struggle for more than 12 years.

A divorce in 2006, a loss of 3 family members in less than 2 years in 2008.
A battle with my company for sexual harassment which put me in a deep depression in 2009.
Then my sister lost her husband in a dramatic way at the age of 35 in 2010.
I have been in psychological counselling following this succession of unfortunate fates for more than 10years, I then decided to run from my life.

I find myself in UK in 2015 working as a night facilitator, when I use be sales Manager in financial information back in France, until I was diagnosed then I had my surgery and the Covid-19 lockdown followed few months later, so you can imagine my mental state.

My friend (childhood friend for 33years) told me that she was doing yoga with Rosaleen and it was helping her.

I use to do yoga and knew the benefits of it, so why not.

I had few zoom yoga sessions with Rosaleen and really enjoyed the individual focus of Rosaleen.

I am like Saint Thomas, I believe things I can see or explain, so when I received an email from Rosaleen about hands reading, I was quite sceptical until the end of the first session. I decided to join Rosaleen’s coaching session.

After just 3 months coaching, I find myself in the most unexpected state. I could clearly see my goals and objectives.

Today I am literally one the happiest person in the world, I finally find my way.

I will always be grateful that Rosaleen crossed my life and has had this massive impact on it in only few months.


The funny part is that Rosaleen never advised me, she listened and questioned.

Rosaleen, I cannot thank you enough for working your magic on me. You are blessed.

May my ancestors give you back hundred times what you have given me.

Thank you

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