Patricia WARNER
| Accumulator
London, United Kingdom
Mentor rank #31 of 1690
Experienced Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur level: Scaleup
Elevate Your Leadership: Unleashing Flow, Igniting Authenticity, Driving Success.
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  • Health spectrum test
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Mentor experience

20+ years experience and expertise in: Mentoring, Customer Success Management, Consultancy, Account Management, Team Building, Relationship Building and Management, Performance Coaching, Strategic Coaching, Teaching and Training, working with Entrepreneurs, Executives, Founders, Engineers, Directors and Sales Teams to achieve their Business Objectives, stay in flow and live their true authentic experiences right here, right now.

Top Purpose

No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Top 5 Passions

  • Learning


  • Health


  • Career


  • Fun


  • Family


Patricia's Genius



Grounded, but often gets lost in activity, like Nelson Mandela & Mother Teresa.

Patricia's Profile



Accumulators are excellent project managers and researchers.

Top 10 values

  • Focus
  • Growth
  • Generosity
  • Vision
  • Compassion
  • Faith
  • Justice
  • Service
  • Honesty
  • Timeliness



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    The 4 Keys to Success

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    Genius Group Community...

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    8 Steps to Wealth thro...

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    GeniusU Mentor Onboarding

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    5-Day $50k Impact Inve...

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    Flow Consultant

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    How To Earn Affiliate ...

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    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    LinkedIn top 5% Profile

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    Introduction to Vibrat...

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    5 Day Get It Done Chal...

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    Wealth Dynamics

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    Your Genius

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    Genius Test

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    Find Your Flow

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    Your Purpose

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    The Millionaire Master...

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    Partner Like a Pro wit...

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    Global Impact Investor...

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    Entrepreneur Spectrum ...

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    June 2022 Digital Flow...

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    Be Triumphant - Master...

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    What's Your Communicat...

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    APAC / EMEA: Entrepren...

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    Wealth Dynamics Master...


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    LEAF - the Language Enthusiasts Accountability Fellowship

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    Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

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    LIVE GEM WEBINAR - November 2022


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    GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT - 1st & 2nd Dec 22 [Virtual]


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Recently Added

Josy T

Patricia selflessly always goes above and beyond not only for her clients but also her colleagues. She thrives on not only elevating herself but anyone surrounding her. Her consultancy services have been outstanding and I am really grateful!

Karissa Roopnarine

I have known Patricia better known to me as Roxanne or Roxy. I have fondly known Roxanne for the past 26 years. We were schoolmates and to this day still great friends even though we live thousands of miles away. I can only think and say great things about this ambitious, intelligent and beautiful person. This has been her persona from the day I met her. Her remarkable approach to everything in life with positivity and the determination to succeed is one that fosters the desire for anyone around her to do and be better. She has positively affected my life in ways she may be unaware of. I am sure anyone who has had the privilege of having any interaction with Roxanne has learnt and grown from her. I am blessed to call her my amazing friend.

Sonia Malani

I met Patricia at a networking event. She was warm, friendly, immediately likeable, and quickly put me at ease. We now connect regularly as part of a supportive group. Being an accumulator, she has a natural ability to absorb huge amounts of information and organise it in an accessible way. She generously shares her knowledge and is always happy to help others. I find myself uplifted after our conversations, by her determined and persistent attitude to overcoming obstacles. Its always a pleasure to connect with such authentic caring people.

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