Chandresh Pala
| Mechanic
London, UK
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Experienced Entrepreneur
I help people create innovation driven, scalable, purpose based global businesses.
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I help great people create successful, scalable and profitable, purpose-driven, global businesses. I am a founder of Cohezia - a venture builder, creating a portfolio of businesses based on exponential technologies. I am also a Mentor, Strategic Advisor and Investor to innovation-led, fast growing businesses. With over 25 years of experience of consultancy, strategy, technology, design, start-ups and scale-ups, across a wide range of business sectors. As an active founder and entrepreneur, I only work with a very selective and small number of mentees. Blue Level, Lead Mentor for the Tech iLab programme, Certified Flow Consultant and Performance Consultant.

Top Purpose

No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Top 5 Passions

  • Achievement


  • Health


  • Family


  • Wealth


  • Creativity


Chandresh's Genius



Takes care of the detail, but often over-cautious, like Mark Zuckerberg & Benjamin Franklin.

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Mechanics are the best at completing things.



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    Entrepreneur Fast Track - 10th May 2022



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Recently Added

Terri Vincent

I have had the absolute pleasure of co-mentoring with Chandresh and apart from making a great balanced team because of our individual strengths, his connection to the group is exceptional. He is stand alone with his knowledge around digital business including AR & AI to name a couple. His simple to understand teachings around business models and flow really takes what seems so complex and is presented in an easy to understand style.
I have also had the pleasure of having Chandresh appear on my monthly celebrity webinar series and my community was blown away by this extremely knowledgeable and humble high-level entrepreneur. I am blessed to know Chandresh and class him as one of my greatest mentors. I highly recommend you connect with him in whatever way you can. You won't be disappointed.

Roger Hamilton

Chandresh is a fantastic mix of wise mentor, angel investor, tech expert and entrepreneur. I've known Chandresh for many years now, he has mentored at our Tech iLab in Bali and we're an investor in one of the companies that he has helped to mentor and grow,, which is leading the way in augmented reality. If you're looking to grow an exponential business, connect with Chandresh!

Shaf Cangil

Chandresh has ample knowledge at Blue Level which he is happy to share. He is patient, very diplomatic and supports the growth of others so they might advance. Nice guy.

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