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United Kingdom
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  • Health spectrum test
  • Health dynamics test

Top Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

Sustainable consumption & production globally

Top 5 Passions

  • Spirit


  • Travel


  • Teaching


  • Community


  • Achievement


Stephen's Genius



Grounded, but often gets lost in activity, like Nelson Mandela & Mother Teresa.

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Stars are excellent promoters and are high in both Dynamo and Blaze energy.

Top 10 values

  • Gratitude
  • Presence
  • Perseverance
  • Challenge
  • Originality
  • Beauty
  • Spontaneity
  • Authenticity
  • Faith
  • Responsibility



  • Real estate

    How Make Money From Pr...

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    10x Your Impact

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    7 steps to Cash Flow S...

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    Genius Guide to Health

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    Cash Flow Crash Course

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    Clarify - Plan - Deliver

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    5-Day $50k Global Educ...

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    Flow Consultant

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    GeniusU Mentor Onboarding


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    Entrepreneur Dynamics

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    Your Legacy

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    Your Genius

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    Find Your Flow

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    Your Passions

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    Your Purpose

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    Wealth Dynamics

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    Genius Guide to Success

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    The Affiliate Accelerator

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    Talent Dynamics


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    GeniusU Partner Campus

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    Genius 5.0: Startup Entrepreneurs

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    Remote Sales for Entrepreneurs


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    Business Walkthrough - Where are you on the impact me...


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    Wealth Dynamics 5.0 Masterclass


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    Partner Conference 2023


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    Global Entrepreneur Summit Virtual


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Lillian Hetet-Owen

I was facing a huge challenge: how to create a membership site that an organisation with the highest levels of security consciousness and whitelisting would accept into it's system: what to do? what to do? I met Steve in the facebook group and we began a conversation which led to me realising that Steve possessed not only the tech knowledge but the experience and expertise I needed to get the job done. Steve created a website that passed muster on the strict requirements for my client for which I am relieved and grateful. Not only did he do the job but he thought around ways to achieve the optimal outcome by anticipating issues and solving them ahead of time. I could not have accomplished the task without Steve's tech genius!
As a result our online school has been able to partner with a significant government organisation and achieve some of our social and educational objectives. Thanks Steve - you're a star!!

Josh Howell

I know Steve only through his insightful responses to my questions on a Facebook post but from what I've observed of him sharing his story and wisdom gained along the way, I would certainly invest my time learning from him (and plan to).

Ruby Yeh

Almost every time I come into our online communities, I see a very worthwhile post from Steve. He is either generously offering valuable advice and pointers for other members, or sharing some thoughtful insight about his exploration of this rich and deep work we are studying together. So I want to publicly acknowledge Steve for the GIFTS he has given to so many of us, and nominate him for the "Most Valuable Player" in our inaugural EMC class! :-)

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