Sales 5.0 Microcourse - Upfront Payment

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Sales 5.0 Microcourse - Upfront Payment
USD 270.00


Upgrade your Sales to 5.0 with this 4 week microcourse


During this 4 week accelerator content you will be given all the steps to upgrade your sales strategies and services levels to the very latest AI-based CRM tools and social media tools to maximise your segmenting, targeting and conversions.


What will be covered in this microcourse, covers how to use AI to increase your sales and give each of your customers a personalised path.


During this accelerator you will learn:

► How to build a trusted Value Cycle

► How to set the product to solve the problem

► Scaling the Sales Process

► Building consistent Sales Ongoing


For hands on mentoring you can upgrade to the Microschool programme.


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