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FREE 14-Day Trial Membership then $9 / month
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  • FREE with 14-Day Trial Membership

  • Instant access to entire Millionaire Master Plan Microdegrees
  • Vouchers worth $2000 to use against selected Entrepreneur 5.0 products
  • A Wealth Dynamics Profile token which retails at $97
  • Citizen Membership that includes:
  • A Citizen dashboard on GeniusU detailing your daily earnings and payments
  • A free company listing on our company's page on GeniusU, where you can gain followers, share news and get reviews
  • You can set up your own private circles on GeniusU and invite your clients and team to join you
  • 6 monthly webinars as part of the World Game to get you and your business 2020 ready
  • A Citizen handbook detailing what it means to be a global Citizen and how best to connect, support and access resources
  • Affiliate earnings and daily paid commissions, for sharing any content across GeniusU with your friends and clients
  • An exclusive Genius Citizen card, with rewards and discounts to our partner products worth over $10,000
  • Access to the free 5-day Microdegree “Entrepreneur 5.0” PLUS Access to the full 12 days paid Microdegree
  • Access to the free 5-day Microdegree “Entrepreneur 5.0” PLUS Access to the full 12 days paid Microdegree
  • USD 9/month after trial
  • or
  • One Time Offer - USD 27

  • Includes:
  • Instant access to one Millionaire Master Plan Microdegree as per your MMP result

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