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The Anxiety Release Formula

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Helga Jensdottir

Helga Jensdottir
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May 17, 2022 at 12:59 in Iceland

I am excited to announce that I have an offer available. This offer is exclusively for creative, talented young women who have experienced some trauma that they know is holding them back. They are now ready to release the root cause of anxiety and/or depression with the help of hypnotherapy, mindset coaching and resilience training so they can live life full of courage and feeling able to share their unique voice. Go here to learn more about this 6 month hybrid 1:1 / group, safe sharing space course that I have been running in Icelandic for 2 years straight with phenomenal results. #geniusschool

Resilience Accelerator

A transformational course for creative, talented, young women. Shifting from procrastination, depression or anxiety to feeling in control and resilient has never been easier!
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