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Nourished and Resilient Leader with Lisa Michaels

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Welcome to Nourished & Resilient Leader!

Excited to be sharing with you!

We'll be recording live Wednesday's Oct 7 - Nov 18

Time: 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Module 1: Introduction to the energetic forces of Nature, the elements you work with anytime you create anything. You'll connect to each of the elements of nature in a rich & meaningful way to nourish your essence.

Module 2: Spirit you'll discover ways to keep your "why" passionately fueled. You'll balance your yin/yang and active/receptive energies which increases your ability to stay centered and realign when the need arises during the times of deep change. You'll connect to more essence expression rejuvenating your purpose.

Module 3: Earth you'll explore simple ways to receive guidance from nature to help you stay grounded and connected. You'll reconnect to wisdom of the body and its own organic timing to increase your ability to stay in flow.

Module 4: Water you'll increase your emotional balance to become magnetically recharged helping you to be more enlivened so you can connect to those you serve from your overflow. You'll discover the transformative and healing power of love to wash away what no longer serves to be clear, clean, and renewed.

Module 5: Air you'll integrate your intellect and intuition to access more of visionary guidance to apply to your own life and when you work with clients. You find out how to not be blown away by all that's moving in the collective airwaves and access your ability to easily return to your own knowing. You'll consciously use this element to direct your creations.

Module 6: Fire you'll burn off old energies to feel clear and ready to take intentionally focused right aligned action. You'll discover how to more fully run your force to live and lead from your radiant core. You'll find a deeper level of dynamic impact to move your visibility forward. You access the alchemy of action to reveal your next steps.

Module 7: Rhythm & Completion we'll first connect to the power of sustainable rhythm to move consciously through the cycle of creation to birth the new. We'll integrate the entire program and the wisdom of the elements so you can effectively utilize them in your next phase of mastery.

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