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🌿🦋 Co-Founder of Regen Tulum (Mexico), as well as Founder of Bridgit and coiner of the Metaweb, Daveed Benjamin is focused upon building ecosystems that revolutionize how we think, as well as decentralized public works movements globally and...


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Fatima Bacot

Fatima Bacot posted in mentor circle: Conscious Green Entrepreneur Movement

Nov 30, 2021 at 01:30 in Australia

🎍 πŸŽ‹ πŸƒ A Regenerative Worldview is the departure from the mechanistic, extractivist one that has dominated for centuries now and that is causing sweeping damage, into one underpinned by an holistic, ecological, living systems worldview. It is not about unconscious separation from, or conquest and domination of, life and nature, but one that sees all life as deeply interconnected, conscious and interrelated, and that resultingly increases the potential, diversity, flourishing and abundance of the whole system. CLICK to read more

Bridging into a Regenerative Worldview – Shambhalla Global

The wrecking-ball-like breakdowns are shaking up status quo cognitive dissonance and compliance, and they simultaneously expose the global, unethical belief systems that have resulted in these outcomes.
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Fatima Bacot

Fatima Bacot posted in mentor circle: Conscious Green Entrepreneur Movement

Nov 23, 2021 at 01:03 in Australia

🎍 πŸŽ‹ πŸƒ "The regenerative paradigm is, instead, inside-out and it takes us beyond sustainability and into restoration and renewal via transformed mindsets, values and societies. In the same way that many of the world’s traditional, indigenous and ancient wisdom cultures are regenerative in nature, the regenerative paradigm embraces the holistic, intersecting, living feedback loops amongst all forms of capital and applies these to renewal, restoration and creation at every level of life." Click to Read More

The Regenerative Paradigm – Shambhalla Global

The rate of destruction we are facing demands a new foundational approach and a new paradigm.
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Fatima Bacot

Fatima Bacot posted The Power of Regenerative Leadership

Nov 17, 2021 at 00:58 in Australia

"Regenerative Leadership is a pathway whereby leaders can powerfully, holistically and consciously apply creative agency to their businesses, relationships and to all our systems in ways that benefit, rather than degenerate or destroy, the...


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Lourdes Gant interviewed me in October on her "Sustainable Business 5.0" podcast. We had a fantastic conversation about regenerative solutions for personal and systems transformation, and planetary thriving. Incredibly relevant for this...


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New! EARTHSPEAKS PODCAST Episode with Founder and CEO of Blue Green Future, and nature, ocean conservancy and environmental advocate Dinah Nieburg. Dinah joined me from COP26 to talk about the tremendous momentum building amongst so...


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Lourdes Gant

Lourdes Gant posted in mentor circle: Sustainable Business 5.0

Oct 15, 2021 at 17:03 in Canada

Join me for a conversation on the HEALTH, WISDOM & WEALTH Show. It's all about Powerful Conversations for Living Your Best Life and will air LIVE Tuesday, 10/19/21 at 2:22pm EST. The Show Host, VLynn Hawkins and I will jump into the conversation about The 3 Pillars of Environmental Sustainability to Live Your Best Life! The Health, Wisdom & Wealth Show airs every Tuesday at 2:22pm ET with Host, VLYNN HAWKINS, Certified Business Coach, Digital Marketing Strategist for Healthpreneurs, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Whole-Plant Lifestyle Advocate. She’s in powerful conversations with health, nutrition, alternative medicine, healthy lifestyle and wealth creation advocates like myself, about healing our body, mind and spirit, our environments, and healing our planet. Join us on Facebook as we hold a conversation we hope will help make a bigger positive impact in the world and your life. The Live and the replay will be available here: #SustainableAquaculture #UNGlobalGoals #WomensEmpowerment #HealthyLifestyle #HealthyEating #StressManagement #HealthandSpirituality #P3Healthpreneurs #HealthWisdomWealthShow #P3AcademySE #UsingFoodAsMedicine #FoodIsHealth #PositiveImpactMakers @V Lynn Hawkins @Lourdes Gant
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Lourdes Gant

Lourdes Gant posted in mentor circle: Sustainable Business 5.0

Oct 13, 2021 at 13:51 in Canada

Do you have kids at home? I have a 12 year old and Minecraft has been in our household for quite some time now. And even if you don't have kids, this one is good to know. Teach sustainability with the Peace with Nature Challenge using resources from @UNESCO that cover clean water, waste, climate change, and clean energy. Students can build in #MinecraftEdu demonstrating how to protect our planet. #peacewithnaturechallenge

Global Build Challenge | Minecraft Education Edition

Global Build Challenge
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