Josef Hajkr

Josef Hajkr
posted in mentor circle: Project Mastery

Feb 21, 2022 at 20:49 in Česká republika

Learn how you can fine tune your personal digital project skills! 💪 Are you failing to innovate and grow your business quickly in the digital age? Are you constantly overwhelmed with work and spending too much time online? Do you need to succeed in completing tasks in the digital world, working quickly and professionally? Don't know which digital and project skills to learn and which apps to use to do so? SHINE and Digiskills jointly provide digital and project skills products on GeniusU, the largest global educational entrepreneurial platform. Thanks to them: ▶ You can innovate quickly and put your plans into practice. ▶ Get up to 90 minutes of your time per day Join us on 3/3/2022 for a free webinar to get a taste of how successfull experienced entrepreuners deal with it! @SimplyGenius
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