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What is freedom to you?

3 Susan Ritter

What is freedom?   Here are my three...   1. Spending a day exploring a new city where we find: > amazing little hole-in-the-wall restaurants > tidbits of history > local events no one talks...

Wall Street's #1 Fraud: Stealing Your $$$ Today

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 Here's a ranking of the Top 5 Wall Street Frauds, with the No.1 fraud, naked short selling, playing out right now, day by day, perpetrating a crime against YOU, America's companies and their investors.

This video...

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The 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Lease Options

Signature avatar 1000 solid white Karl Harker

In this week’s Property Education video, Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic, founder of the property investors network (pin), a successful property investor since 1995, answers frequently asked questions regarding Lease Option Agreements in...

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Wealth Dynamics Masters – Virtual 13th – 17th February

Ruth Shearman

The Wealth Dynamics Masters Virtual Program from GeniusU helps attendees create a totally crisis-proof plan for the next 12 months, allowing their business to fully digitise and double in size. The Wealth Dynamics Masters Program will help...
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How To Make The Right Connections

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Every entrepreneur's big question — How to find the right connections? For every profile out there, the rules and values vary distinctively. You need to know what you're looking for and what's the right environment for it. When you...

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Going Live Today! Join the Free Masterclass on How your f...

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📈 Join our TRADING MASTERCLASS today at 10 am (London). Unlock your earning potential and learn the strategies to earn anywhere between 5% - 35% based on the different investment strategies.

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Join the Education Revolution Workshop on 7th February an...

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Are you joining the Education Revolution?

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Join us for the Free Trading Masterclass this Thursday, 0...

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Protect your money in uncertain times with wealth educator, Marcus de Maria. Learn whether you should trade in stocks or cryptos based on your investment profile, strengths, and weaknesses. 

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Genius News

Alison shadrack headshot Alison Shadrack

Genius News

Message from Roger

Roger is continuing to raise awareness about Genius Group’s fight against naked...

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Best Ways To Promote A Product

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When it comes to marketing, there are a number of strategies that entrepreneurs try to get their product known in the market.

In this...