How do you keep up with the cutting edge of entrepreneurship?

While Facebook gives many great posts to share, Twitter gives the train of consciousness of many of the World’s top entrepreneurs in real-time.

Following their tweets and using Twitter as a receiver more than a broadcaster is one of the best entrepreneur educations you can get.

Here are 25 of the most followed entrepreneurs on Twitter:

1) OPRAH WINFREY (33.3M followers)

2) BILL GATES (29.8M followers)

3) RICHARD BRANSON (8.08M followers)

4) MARK CUBAN (5.32M followers)

5) LORD ALAN SUGAR (5.19M followers)

6) ELON MUSK (4.64M followers)

7) JACK DORSEY (3.8M followers)

8) MARTHA STEWART (3.19M followers)

9) BIZ STONE (2.87M followers)

10) TONY HSIEH (2.85M followers)

11) TONY ROBBINS (2.83M followers)

12) EV WILLIAMS (1.97M followers)

13) TIM O’REILLY (1.97M followers)

14) KEVIN ROSE (1.61M followers)

15) MARISSA MAYER (1.59M followers)

16) GUY KAWASAKI (1.48M followers)

17) TIM FERRISS (1.34M followers)

18) GARY VAYNERCHUK (1.3M followers)

19) ROBERT KIYOSAKI (1.02M followers)

20) STEVE CASE (768K followers)

21) ROGER JAMES HAMILTON (604K followers)

22) ROBERT HERJAVEC (599K followers)

23) SETH GODIN (555K followers)

24) KEVIN O’LEARY (537K followers)

25) DAYMOND JOHN (497K followers)

You could follow each individually, or simply follow this one Twitter list to see tweets from all 25:

While number of followers isn’t the best measure, it’s the most measurable measure. Each of these entrepreneurs post all or most of their own tweets. I’ve skipped the accounts that are personalities in film, music, sport or politics where their posts and followers aren’t mostly entrepreneurial.

If I’ve missed any entrepreneurs who have equally high followings and that you follow, post a link to them in the comments and use this as a resource for yourself and your network.

Happy reading and re-tweeting!

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