A rain drop falls onto a seaside jetty.

“I’m a drop!” it thinks, excited to be there.

“We’re all drops!” it thinks, as it sees many other drops also on the jetty.

But as the rain falls, the drop looks on in shock as some drops miss the jetty and fall straight into the sea, disappearing. “I’m glad I landed on the jetty, and am still a drop.” it thinks to itself.

Then, as the wind blows, the drop sees other drops on the jetty get blown into the sea.

Now, in fear, the drop tries to lay low and hold on, so it does not meet a similar fate. It’s pleased to see it is not alone. Other drops on the jetty also hold on against the wind.

The sun comes out, and gives warmth. But… “Oh no!”

The drop sees some of the drops holding on evaporate and disappear in the sunshine.

“Should I hold on, and disappear in the sun? Or should I let go, and disappear in the sea?”

Caught in this existential bind, the drop finally chooses a leap of faith.

“I know for sure if I stay here, I’ll evaporate.” it thinks, “But I don’t know what fate awaits me in the sea.”

So the drop lets go, and is blown off the jetty towards the sea. In full surrender, the drop falls, and falls, until finally it hits the surface of the sea.

Only to discover, to its surprise, that the drop has not disappeared.

It has become the whole sea.

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