Have you cracked the code of how your brain works?

In this week’s Entrepreneur TV video, I give you a peek inside my head

Do you believe your thoughts are all in your head, like a computer hard drive, or do you believe they are out beyond your brain, like the internet – where it’s up to you to tune in to your best ideas and imagination.

I use my journal a bit like the WW2 codebreakers – recording thoughts as they arrive and then going back after to decipher them.

In this video I take a deep dive into how I turn my thoughts into action.

Each of us is living a life that is the sum consequence of the thoughts we have had and the actions we have taken. Getting better at tuning in to the next chapter of your life costs nothing, but reaps enormous benefits. All it takes is a little time.

I hope you enjoy the video. Post a comment, and join us live this Saturday (details below).


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