Weirdly, it’s easy to feel alone in this hyper-connected world.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, without the support or resources you need, here’s a video I made about the “People Paradox”

The People Paradox:

The more connected we become, the more disconnected we feel.

At the Entrepreneur Retreat we ran this weekend, we talked about the “Dunbar Number”.

Robin Dunbar was an anthropologist that worked out that based on the size of our brains, the most people we could maintain stable relationships with was 150 people. This is the “Dunbar Number”.

That’s why the strongest tribes are around this size. That’s when everyone looks after eve-ryone else. As the number gets bigger, it’s easy to feel like a stranger.

Here is a video I made about why it’s so important to choose your tribe.

Once you reach 150 people, strength in connection doesn’t come from quantity, but quality.

Whether it’s a company, an online forum or a networking group, as the group gets bigger it’s easy to feel disconnected and people are no longer all looking out for your success. And that’s the point:

Your success in life is determined not by how much you want to be successful, but how much the people around you want you to be successful.

Last weekend I found a new tribe! That’s why I made the video, and why I ask you the question: “Where is your tribe?”

Keep shining brightly,


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