It’s here! Today is Pre-launch day!

From midnight to midnight on Thursday 20th August only our Pre-launch offer is open for you to get a sneek peak of our brand new Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics reports.

Visit our pre-launch page here

When you get your pre-launch pack, we will send you by return the entire report pack of all eight profiles, together with access to the new missions on GeniusU for both Wealth Dy-namics and Talent Dynamics. This includes the new Flow Factor assessment to test how in flow (or out of flow) you are, and what to do about it.

An enormous amount of work has gone in to the upgrade, and this is just the beginning, as you can see from this video where I give you a sneak peek of what we’ve done

If you have already taken us up on the pre-launch pack, you will be getting a separate email with the report packs and mission links.

If you have not yet got your pre-launch pack, get yours here now


This offer is open only until the end of Pre-launch day, this Thursday 20th August.

What’s in the pre-launch pack?

Our full launch of our new Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics test sites and reports takes place on our Launch Day on 12th September. This pre-launch pack is your opportu-nity to get the first to get the new, updated designs and missions.

When you get your pre-launch pack you will find that it includes:

1. One Wealth Dynamics 3.0 test token and one Talent Dynamics 3.0 test token worth $194, that can be passed on to team members, friends and family.

2. The full Wealth Dynamics 3.0 Test Report Pack and Talent Dynamics 3.0 Test Re-port Pack for all 8 profiles, worth $594, this Thursday.

3. First entry to the GeniusU Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics Missions, the brand new Flow Factor Test, and the measurable steps to grow your flow.

4. 3.0 Pre-Launch Special Vouchers to Entrepreneur Institute programs – Flow Con-sultant, iLab and Entrepreneur Mastermind entry worth $8,150.

The pack has a total value of $8,938, and when you book now it costs no more than one token: $97.

We put together 500 of these pre-launch packs for our existing network, and these have already been over 70% booked prior to pre-launch day. So do get your pack right now, and I look forward to hearing your feedback of the new reports and missions.

To book now, simply visit the pre-launch page.

Keep shining brightly,


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