Today is the deadline for two big invitations, so this week’s episode of Entrepreneur TV is out early with the details. Please take a moment to watch it!

Here are the two invitations. As today is the final deadline, I would love you to take action on which one (or both) is of most interest to you:

Final chance to enter the iLab Global Impact Award 2015

The first is a final invitation to join the iLab Global Impact Award 2015, the first global award recognizing social entrepreneurs with $250,000 in prizes. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the training and publicity you deserve to make your business a success.

Simply click here to complete the entry form today

Join us as a partner for the Dynamics 3.0 Launch

Over 500,000 people have taken the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics tests over the last decade. On August 20th we have the Pre-launch of Wealth Dynamics 3.0 and Talent Dynamics 3.0 – We are taking the World’s No.1 profiling tools for trust and flow, and making them even better!

Our big upgrade includes brand new reports, updated stories and GeniusU missions plus a new Flow Factor test to assess how in flow or out of flow you currently are.

I am inviting you to join us as a launch partner: It’s free, it gets you on the inside of our launch (together with the 400+ partners who have already joined as partners), earns you income and will add enormous value to your community!

To join – simply click on this link to send a one click reply

Watch this week’s episode of Entrepreneur TV to find out why I would love you to take me up on these two invitations – and I ask you one big question that could change your week:

Watch the video to find out why <<


In this week’s episode I dive deeper into the details of both invitations, and I ask you one big question: Is your momentum moving you forwards, upwards or sideways?

When our momentum moves us sideways, we end up going around in circles. We can feel like we’re really busy (often too busy) but we never seem to make the progress we want to. Take the simple tip I give in the video to switch direction, so that all your momentum is carrying you into your flow, and raising your level of conscious and the level you play at.

Learn how to raise your consciousness through this simple tip <<

Join us in our iLab Impact Awards and partner community to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs committed to making a difference in the world. Watch the video, and follow the links above.

Have a fantastic week.

Keep shining brightly,



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