From gawking at someone’s daily life on reality television to idolizing star athletes to following flashy entrepreneurs on social media, we have developed an unappeasable appetite for watching others do something -- for watching others become something.

Now, although watching those around us is not all bad, we need to ask ourselves, “What am I doing to become someone special?”

This doesn’t mean you need to set your goals on becoming the next star athlete, business celebrity or billionaire. It’s simpler than that. Instead, how about aspiring to become a special person? How about shifting your perspective and ambition away from the lime light and toward something more fulfilling -- like becoming a world-class human being?

Because becoming a world-class human being is unique for all of us, there’s no exact definition of what it is. However, after studying, interviewing and being mentored by dozens of people I personally consider world-class human beings, I’ve identified a number of unwritten laws they all abide by, and if you want to become a world-class human being, you need to follow these seven rules.

1. Always do the right thing.

World-class human beings value integrity.

They find no need to lie or exaggerate. When you tell the truth, you’ll never have to remember what you said. Most people lie when they are insecure or afraid and then they have to consciously make sure everything else they say supports their lie. It’s a vicious circle.

To avoid cornering yourself into these integrity killing situations, remember that it’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right. Sometimes, it’s okay to take the short end of the stick in the moment and admit when you are wrong. Remember, being open, honest and transparent always comes full circle and you will be glad you did in the long run.

2. Live by your standards, principle and values.

World-class human beings do not let their standards waiver based on environment.

So, always stick to your guns, even if it’s going to be uncomfortable in the short-term. The easier path is to change or to put on a front so you can avoid potential confrontation. However, in the long run, people will respect you for staying true to your values -- even if they don’t match theirs.

Remember, most people make decisions based on their emotions, feelings or fears. World-class human beings base everything off their values and principles.

3. Value your word above all else.

World-class human beings understand the importance of following through on what they say they are going to do.

By simply doing what you say you’re going to do, you’re already ahead of most people in society who don’t value their word. Obviously, nobody is perfect and you won’t follow through all the time . . . but world-class human beings take 100 percent responsibility and ownership if they don’t. No excuses.

By becoming someone people can rely on you, become trusted, respected and liked. You’ll also achieve more of your goals because you no longer accept excuses or easy-escapes.

4. Don’t judge -- accept and appreciate.

Your affect on others is one of the most valuable (but underappreciated) currencies available.

How you treat other people is a huge part of becoming a world-class human being. So, even if you disagree with someone’s decisions, do not judge them. Instead, accept that they’re entitled to their believes and find something you can appreciate about them.

If you can start making positive judgements about people, you’ll also feel more confident and positive about yourself. World-class human beings can negate their own egos and push away anxieties.

Try to judge less and observe more. People are never as simple as we view them. Learn to embrace their differences and unique perspectives.

5. Improve life for others.

Make it a habit to leave people in a better state -- happier, healthier, stronger and wealthier -- than you found them. This is a major part of being an exceptional person. By building people up and making them feel exceptional you’re making the world a better place.

Do this for one person today and it’ll have a ripple effect through society. You’ll make one person feel better, they’ll pass their good vibes on to another and like a stone thrown into water, the goodness will spread.

6. Be emotionally mature.

Either you control your emotions or your emotions control you.

Those operating at world-class levels almost always stay in control of their emotions. They don’t get too high or too low, but instead keep a positive, even keel at all times.

Honestly, I don’t believe there is anything that will make a bigger difference in your attitude, energy, consistency, and bank account than this one strategy. I strongly challenge you to start basing your decisions off your principles and standards rather than your current emotions.

I was lucky enough to learn the importance of emotional IQ at an early age, and I’ve realized most decisions based off pure emotion are usually the wrong ones. All great achievers use logic and intelligence in every decision they make.

Do the same, and I assure you that you’ll see your influence, income and results skyrocket.

7. Be authentic.

World-class human beings don't try to be someone or something they are not.

Unfortunately, authenticity is becoming less common these days. The good part is that when you see real authenticity now, it shines like a beacon in the night. So always be your unique self instead of trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

You are great enough to be a world-class human being without pretending to be someone else, so accept your unique qualities and share them with the world.

So there you have the seven rules of world-class human beings.

Now, I challenge you to openly assess your life. Which of these rules are you breaking? Which are you following? Ask yourself honestly, then take one action today that’ll help you become a world-class person and performer.

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