Recently in 2016, The United Nations came up with 17 key goals to be addressed and worked upon to make the world a better place. 
We have seen successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Bill Gates rise up to assist the United Nations by taking on initiatives to address more than one of these goals.
Over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have been connecting and collaborating more and more, and because of this, have seen tremendous growth in their business with this approach.
Futurist and a Social Entrepreneur - Roger James Hamilton has brought these two initiatives together to create the The Fast Forward Summit series.
Designed to bring entrepreneurs under one roof and help them grow their businesses by contributing to the goals of the United Nations and creating an incredible community of support and collaboration.
Over 4 days of power packed action, business owners and entrepreneurs will walk away with a different mindset and changed way of looking at their business. They will learn about the latest tech resources and tools to help them evolve their team and grow their business.
The Fast Forward Summit world tour is dedicated to helping business owners change their mindset and create more success in their business. Check out some of the success stories here from alumni of Fast Forward.
Roger Hamilton is the founder of the Entrepreneurs Institute, Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, and Genius U – The world’s leading e-learning platform for entrepreneurs, with over 800,000 active entrepreneurs.
We would love to meet you there. To be part of the four days of action packed events. Take action, just click here now and book your seats. There is limited seating available so we do encourage you to secure your spot today.
We look forward to meeting you at Fast Forward Summit 2017 London.
See you there!

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