Hi everyone. Are you trying to find better ways to create work/life balance? Noticed I put life/work balance. You need to have a life and then be able to work to continue creating that life that you so richly deserve right?
Came across this when reading a blinkist: 'Consider the idea of “work/life balance.” People often think this means they should limit their daily working hours to spend more time at home. In many cases however, that only amounts to the person working at home rather than spending time with their family. Instead, be bolder with your balancing. Don't “balance” things by constantly making trade offs and compromises. '

I have been a Yellow Octopus for last few years now.
Work hard at one important thing at the time! 

If you need to work, work. Don't compromise. When you need to spend time with your family, give them your full attention. In the long run, things will still balance out, and you'll be much happier and more productive. Obsessive passions can also lead to burnout and poor health. In fact, one study of professional dancers found a correlation between passion and chronic injuries. When the “passionate” dancers got injured, they just kept dancing and made their conditions worse, rather than taking the time they needed to recover. So don't become obsessed with your work.
Practice harmonious passion instead. 
This means showing passion for the things that make you happy, even if they aren't your main focus in life. Serena Williams, for example, is one of the most successful tennis players in history, but she also has a great passion for fashion and nails. She's actually a qualified nail technician. She still devotes time to nails, even though it isn't the focus of her career. That balance makes her happier and healthier.' 

So to aaccelerate your life, business, and personal success, Create your own balance!

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