Here’s the thing: Before you can grow rich, you must have a desire to be rich. The desire to grow rich cannot be flaky or whimsical; it must be a Deliberate Intense Desire.

Desire Makes the Impossible Possible

Welcome to the 1st of the 13 principles of ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

The 1st Principle – Desire 

I still meet people of a certain age, middle age and others surprisingly young, who have quit, given up on their desire for success, acquiesced, the fire gone. If at a point in a man's life, he loses or does not have desire, the chance of achieving wealth, riches or what man calls success, is almost zero.

Napoleon focused the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich on Desire quite deliberately, because you must have an intense desire for riches in order to get riches. A lukewarm, 'I can't be bothered to get out of bed to follow my wealth plan' attitude will never bring you riches in any of its forms.

Every Olympic medal winner, every businessperson, every scientist that made a world changing break through, began their journey with desire.

The simple starting point is to write down a description of the riches that you want. Then write what you intend to give or do in return for those riches. Every rich man/woman began this way. You may as well know now that you will never attain riches unless you have the strongest desire to do so.

The book ‘The 10- Second Philosophy®’ teaches that your wealth is determined by your money Standards and by how you set yourself up. Success is set-up. Wealth is a set-up. Poverty too.

Once you have desire and built it up so it drives and empowers you, there are 6 Key Daily Standards for Wealth which you MUST adhere to for wealth attainment and maintenance:

  1. You must subscribe and adhere to the highest Integrity and Ethical Standards Daily
  2. Honour yourself when you set out to achieve riches. Honour your loved ones too
  3. Honour those you wish to serve. Do the best by them and you can name your price
  4. The highest Quality of Service Standards is key to wealth attainment
  5. The right Quantity of service. You cannot expect wealth without adding value to others
  6. Your Discernment with money must be high, or you must learn it. A fool is too easily parted with his money.

The absence of these Daily Standards means that you will never attain, or if attained, never keep your wealth. Desire, when combined with the 6 Key Daily Standards for Wealth, is your path to riches which you will keep. Your desire must build up to 10 on a scale of 1-10 in order to achieve riches.

In the beginning was the Word. That word had desire, the desire to create!

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May you Think and Grow Rich

 ‘There are many ways to grow rich. Money is only one of them’

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