The 7th Principle towards Riches: Decision

In a moment of decision, your whole life can change. Key decisions will change the whole direction and pace of our lives. A financially, spiritually broke man can become rich in a multitude of ways, if they take a moment and make an authentic and honest decision. The problem is most people don’t give themselves the time to Stop, Pause and Think about the major issues of their lives. They simply carry on trying to figure things out whilst in the middle of their fight. How about you?

When was the last time you actually took a decision to make a decision?

When did you last diarise a time to Stop, Pause and Think? Have you ever diarised a time away from your job or busy life, to have a moment with yourself, to make a different decision on something you know is in your mind or in your heart? If not, then let me give you a moment NOW…



I made a decision on11th November 2003 which changed everything for me. I became happy and wealthy as a result. It was a decision where I actually took the time to Stop, Pause and Think. At approximately 9:45 in the evening I realised that the Daily Standards of life were holding me back and holding me down. How I allowed people to treat me and the Standards that I ran my business by needed a severe overhaul. I decided then and there to throw out anything and anyone that was causing me to operate at a level which didn’t serve or honour me, or caused me not to be able to serve and honour myself and others the way that I authentically knew that I wanted to and could. From that 10-second moment of decision, everything changed in and for me. In my life, I get the honour of serving and supporting some incredible clients, some of whom will go on and change this world for the better. I work with an amazing team of individual talents; remarkable people help me to be all I can be as I nurture them to be all they can be. I am so blessed.


The 7 PERFECT Areas of Life

  • Personal Health & Fitness
  • Environment
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Emotions
  • Career
  • Time & Money


 Act for a Change

Now it’s your turn: Take a look right now, take a moment. Take a moment and consider which of the above 7 areas of your life are frustrating you the most or making you unhappy. Now make the decision to change something major in that area. I know this may be difficult but you were meant to overcome such barriers to greatness. You were designed to do so but you have to make the decision to change. So, which area is it going to be?

Once you have decided which areas to change, make a BIG or Major change. Change something which will resonate through your life, sending a powerful message to your future. Small shifts are good but a decision to undertake a BIG shift is often what makes the great ‘great…’

It is in the moment of your decision that your life is formed

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