The concept of the sprint versus the marathon is all about cycles of learning.

If you're starting a business for the first time, it is crucial that you set yourself a clear target of what you want to achieve and by when.

The 'when' bit is critical.

Many times people start businesses with no end goal in sight, without a clear understanding that if they don't hit this revenue target in this amount of time then the business will have to change direction or shut down.

As a result of this the business carries on for years, it burns out the entrepreneur, it burns out all the resources and in the end just collapses or dies a slow horrible death.

A better way to start a business is to focus on a clear revenue target and giving yourself 3-6 months max to reach the target.

If you reach the target or even a part of the target, well done! You have a business.

If you don't reach it at all then it's time to reconsider the angle of the business or shut down and try a new business.

That way in the space of a year you may have four 3 month sprints, each sprint highly focussed on reaching a revenue target with that particular business idea.

In each 3 month sprint, you're either tweaking your business proposition or starting something completely new. 

In one year your learnings will be far greater and you will be moving to your goal much faster then if you were doing the same thing again and again for two years.

This is the whole idea behind the 3 month GeniusU Startup & Business Accelerator Competition.

3 months of focus on your business idea/product to achieve a revenue target within 12 weeks with weekly targets and group meetings as well as daily accountability.

11 prizes are available.

To join please click the link below:

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