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The 13th Principle towards Riches; The Sixth Sense

This Chapter was written by Napoleon Hill a bit like a ‘bonus track’ on an album. You can read this ‘bonus track’ or discard it. It’s up to you. Why? Because Hill himself stated:

"No matter who you are, or what may have been your purpose in reading this book, you can profit by it even if you don't fully understand how or why this principle works. This is especially true if your major purpose is that of accumulation of money or other material things".

The Principal Hill is speaking of is ‘The 6th Sense’

There are five senses through which you perceive things:

1. Sight

2. Touch

3. Hearing

4. Smell

5. Taste

The term sixth sense refers to yet another way of perceiving or knowing. Each of us has experienced this at some time but most likely put it down to ‘something else’ because we cannot attribute it to the usual senses. This so-called sixth sense includes all the forms of intuition and insight, such as hunches, gut feelings, instincts, premonitions, first impressions, instant dislikes, instant likes, auto trust, suspicions, mistrust, and even love at first sight (how did you know when you knew?).


When Napoleon Hill finally wrote Think and Grow Rich, there was no doubt in his mind that his principles of success worked. He had spent thirty years studying how and why some people are successful, while other people aren't, and his research was not just a comparison of statistics and business practices.

And so, it went with famous scientists and inventors; the heads of universities; the most talented writers, authors, and performers; businessmen; entrepreneurs; international statesmen; labour leaders; innovators in transportation and communications; political leaders; and even presidents of the United States.

In addition to his personal interviews, during that same period, Hill devised a questionnaire for identifying success characteristics that were administered to approximately 25,000 individuals. The focus of this chapter is Hill's finding that most high-powered and successful people listen to their gut feelings and pay attention to their hunches. Not all the time, and not with all things, but successful people believe that a good part of their success is because they trust their hunches, intuitions and premonitions.

If you search the Internet for phrases like ‘scientific studies of hunches and intuition in Success’, you will see there have been numerous studies done with high achievers and in most of these modern studies,the results agree with Hill's conclusions.

Why is the 6th sense important?


The key to making your intuition and insight a part of your thinking process, is to treat your hunches and gut reactions just as you would any other information that you use to make decisions. First you must realise that it is a fact that many successes have come from flashes of insight or intuition. Then you must acknowledge to yourself that you are prepared to believe it is possible that you too may receive valuable ideas in this way. If you do believe it is possible, then you have at least opened the door. Now you must encourage it to happen. That does not mean you immediately accept everything that pops into your mind, but it does mean you treat everything that pops into your mind as a possibility.

You evaluate it, you give it serious consideration, and you weigh the consequences of acting on it. Sometimes you will have a hunch that turns out to be brilliant. The next time it could be dead wrong. It doesn't always work the way you want it to, and it doesn't always work when you want it to either. But you can increase the likelihood of creating more and better ideas by the simple act of acknowledging to yourself that you believe your creative imagination can help you solve problems.

As you work to improve your ability with this technique, it will help to keep in mind that your intuition isn't something outside trying to get your attention. Your intuition is just you making yourself known. Your intuition is what you know that is buried just below your consciousness. So, your intuition is really you telling yourself something.

I follow my intuition hugely and often. Especially when logically things don’t make sense.

When you pay attention to your intuition, it is you trusting yourself, and who knows you, better than yourself?

Have an open mind. Play with the stuff. Remember to tell me what happens when you do.

There you have it, the 13 Principles of Think & Grow Rich using the world’s best implementation success - ‘Daily Standards’.

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