I remember it like yesterday.

It was the third year in business high school.

A classmate was visiting - the agenda was to drink beer and study a bit.

The topic was statistics.

Suddenly I had my very first entrepreneurial epiphany.

You know, when that idea pops in your head which grabs your attention 100%

I bursted out to my friend: “Hey! We could help businesses with this”

He was baffled: “What do you mean?”

“We can do surveys and stuff for local businesses - customer satisfaction surveys maybe?”, I replied.

He looked at me with disbelief.

But then and there I sat down, kinda tipsy, and did the very first thing that I thought I need to have a business:

I designed a logo.

I am no artist. At all. But with effort, will and great purpose I managed to put together something that I thought was pretty cool.

Local Consulting was the name of what I can call my first real business.

Driven by a desire to be an entrepreneur and serve people I went on to contact a family member, who hired me to do a customer satisfaction survey for the local business she was managing.

Probably because we we’re family.

But I didn’t care.

I was driven.

I was on purpose.

I was an entrepreneur.

Notice how I am not talking about money?

Because it wasn’t about money.

At all.

Later in my career, I would “learn” that is was very much about money.

I started chasing money.

Which resulted in me losing my purpose.

My drive.

All though I went on to be a quite “successful” here in Denmark, I was miserable.

I put "successful" in quotes because are you really successful when you’re not doing work you love?

When you’re not jumping out of bed in the morning?

When you’re not pumped about the difference you’re making in people’s life?

When you’re not true to yourself?

All though I started as an entrepreneur for all the right reasons, the industry “taught” me to give that up and chase money.

Today I am reconnected with what started my entrepreneurial career.

And I am here to tell you…

No matter what you’re doing today.

No matter how miserable your work situation might make you feel.

No matter how many obligations you may have.

Chasing money is not the way to go.

In fact, I am here as a gentle reminder to you: connect with your purpose!

Connect with your truth!

Connect with the ambition to make that positive change you’d love to see in the world!

And not only that.

I am also here to tell that when you do that…

You open the doors to abundance.

You can EXPONENTIALLY grow your income when you stop chasing money and start living your purpose.

Because it’s hard to say no to purpose driven people.

It’s hard not to be amazed by people who are on a mission.

It’s hard not to follow people who are actually working towards what we believe in ourselves.

And it’s those people we are happy to pay money to as well.

So it’s not about choosing between wealth or fulfillment.

Find your purpose!

Choose your purpose!

And then go goddamn 10 or 100 times bigger than what you’re doing now!

The bigger the purpose…

The bigger the mission….

The more people you want to improve the life of…

The more money you’ll make.

But only if money is secondary.

When you know that making money is a by product of making people happy.

Go find your Exponential Purpose!

Can you relate?


P.S.: Danish is my mother tongue - that is why I spell and do grammar like a 5 year old

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