Jenny Ferrante struggled with adrenal fatigue which had gone on for several years. Jenny and her husband Fred, then met Jo Formosa and after attending her 28 day detox and with continued support, Jenny and Fred are now healthier than ever. 

Jenny and Fred first met Jo Formosa at the Fast Forward Summit 2016 in Brisbane.  Jo is an Ayurvedic health coach and is also the co-creator of Health Dynamics, with Roger James Hamilton.  It was at the Fast Forward event, run by Roger James Hamilton where Jenny and Fred first heard about the Health Dynamics program. 

Jenny says, “We both did our Health Dynamics profile test a year later in Brisbane, and we had a 121 consult with Jo. I am a Creator profile, and my Ayurvedic body type is a Pitta Vata. I found the connections between the profile and body type fascinating at the time, and the two together enabled me to find the best way to go forward with my health. Fred and I started connecting with Jo as clients and found immediate benefits. 

We did the 28-day detox program, and that’s when our health really started to shift. To begin with, we were very tired, but as time went on we gained clarity of mind and a great amount of energy. 

Being able to ask questions easily and have a lot of community support was definitely part of why the program was so great. 

We’ve also continued to eat Ayurvedic style 4 days out of the week, and eat much more healthily in general.”

Fred says although he didn’t go into the program with any issues of his own, he’s also feeling healthier than ever. 

“I’m a Mechanic profile, and my body type is Pitta Kapha. I’ve always felt good in myself and I’ve hardly ever gone to a doctor - I don’t like traditional western doctors, they seem to always try to find a solution without knowing the real problem.

Jo, on the other hand, wants to get to the root of dis-ease in the body. She told me things I wasn’t even aware of about my own body and helped me set up a regime of what I should be doing to prevent disease in the future. 

I’ve dropped over 10kg, and it’s staying off. Our body types have different needs and it’s been great seeing how our Profiles interact with that. It was interesting seeing what I was and relating to it as a Mechanic, it wasn’t a surprise to me that my body type was Pitta Kapha at all.”

Jenny says, “I think for me as a Creator knowing my Creator traits helped the process. The Creator creates havoc with Vata, so my Vata was out of whack. The Pitta in my profile balanced out. Understanding the Health Dynamics Profile, informed me of how to go ahead and recognise my pitfalls and strengths, and it explained a lot of my history too. The energetic burnout is typical of ‘out of control Vata’ and an ‘out of control Creator’- I'm 72% Creator - so those wedded together and Jo helped me to make so much more sense of this. The process has allowed me to be aware of what I’m  doing and to work on structuring my behaviour and attitudes. It's been a challenge but would have been harder without knowing both Wealth Dynamics and Health Dynamics together".

Fred says, “As the whole program evolved the resource materials were excellent. 

At one stage Jenny was away for 3 weeks, but I followed the recipes and did all my own prep, I'm a very Mechanic, with secondary Creator and I'm relatively flexible in the kitchen, but the resources kept me on track and focused. If anyone were to ask me about going into doing a detox or focusing on their health I would highly recommend Jo and Health Dynamics”.

How can you focus on your health today? 

Take the Health Dynamics test here, and join the Health Dynamics Microdegree on GeniusU. 

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