Community Request: 

The Mechanic Profile and the 8 stages of the Entreprise.

Here is an outline below for all you entrepreneurial Mechanics in our community.

Each of the profiles has their own "Hero's/Heroine's Journey" to embark on, connecting this with the 8 stages of the Entreprise we reveal a unique story to guide you along the Way.

There is an energy & overall way of thinking, feeling & willing to consider at each stage of the entreprise to maximise your personal/market Flow. 

This is highlighted through the Action & Avoid strategy outlined on each card.

Your level on the Wealth Spectrum will also colour your journey, understanding each stage and the resonance for your profile takes you to a higher perspective, the Fifth element of "Spirit" energy.

Mechanic through the 8 stages of the Entreprise:

"Creative & structured, completing with perfection."

Stage 1: Proven Concept - "Collection"

Stage 2: Brand Attraction - "Fulfilment"

Stage 3: Operating Team - "Beauty"

Stage 4: Market Connections - "Sacrifice"

Stage 5: Tradable Entity - "Erosion"

Stage 6: Bankable Asset - "Extraction"

Stage 7: Cash Infrastructure - "Counsel"

Stage 8: Licensable System - "Resolution" 

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