Your weekly business focus.

25th - 31st December 2017

The question this week:
"What is the best use of my energy this week in my business?."

Vector Card: 3.5 CHARGE

“Seek rapid progress on all fronts by harnessing others”

ACTION: Take swift collective action to move quickly & together.

AVOID: Going separate ways. Being hesitant or waiting for others.

IMAGE: "Stallions galloping across fields at speed and under a blazing sun”

You are the Hero/Heroine on your journey in business, you are inherently good. 

However, in the past year, the material world may have darkened your nature, it is time for purification this week, emerge & take the gesture of 'uprightness'.

As the light blazes on the earth, illumination is brighter & brighter, cultivate this for your development to lean towards optimism & rejunenate hope.

Accumulate your power & prestige with others and make advancements/progress - the action is swift - Take Charge.

For those of us in the Southern hemisphere we can harness the external light of the Sun (with the season of Summer) & lean into it's illumination & rise up.

For those in the Northern hemisphere cultivate the pure light from within, illuminating & radiating inside out as you rapidly move forward with others.

Have a prosperous week.

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